How to Start a Side Hustle Writing Business

You love your career as an electrical contractor in Dillsburg, PA, or fitness trainer in Studio City, California, but you’ve always wanted to start a side hustle writing business. After all, you want to supplement your income, you love writing, and you’re a motivated professional who likes to stay busy and active. How can you start a side hustle writing business when you have a full-time job? Join the nearly 4 in 10 Americans who have a side job by following these tips.


Decide what topics you want to write about

What do you want to write about? What attracted you to writing in the first place? Do you want to be a fiction writer and work on short stories and books? Perhaps you’re drawn to movies and TV and want to become a screenwriter? Maybe you want to start a side hustle writing business to make extra money, so you plan on writing articles on a wide range of topics for clients.

While it’s typically ideal to pick a niche and become an expert on that topic, the great thing about your side hustle is you can write about whatever you want, whether it be multiple niches or platforms.

For the sake of discussion, pick a topic you would like to start with and then go from there.


Decide where you want your side hustle to begin

Where do you want to write and how do you plan to do it? You might do projects all over the internet because you plan on pitching clients and creating content for them, or you might create a website that focuses on your niche. Perhaps you have publications and websites in mind and plan on writing for those companies.

While the process of writing is the most important part of your side hustle, you still need to figure out where you’re going to publish your words.


Create a plan

You always have to create a plan. Even if you aren’t planning on becoming a millionaire from your side hustle, without a plan, your thoughts and ideas will stay in your head and you won’t take action. You might never start your side hustle writing business.

Here are some questions to think about when creating your writing plan:

  • When can you work on your side hustle?
  • When do you want to work on your side hustle?
  • How long can you work on your side hustle?

Once your plan is created and you’ve incorporated your side hustle into your schedule, whether it be before or after work or on the weekends, stick to your plan. By doing so, you will grow your business and create a writing routine, as well as good habits.


Treat your side hustle like a passion

Your side hustle shouldn’t stress you out or have a negative impact on your career.

Your side hustle is, more likely than not, a passion. You started it because you wanted to conquer another dream of yours. You didn’t start it to add more chaos and stress to your life.

Treat it as a passion, and you’ll never get sick of it and it won’t take up all of your free time (unless you want it to).

The important thing is to treat your side hustle like a side hustle. Your career at an outpatient rehabilitation center, is not only paying the bills, but you love it. Your profession should be the top priority while your side hustle is something you do on the side.

More than 44 million Americans have a side hustle, and you can join them with your writing business by following the steps above.

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