How to spend more time with your family this Christmas

It is nearly Christmas! As an American expat in Vietnam, the holidays seem a little less bright, away from family and traditions. As a digital nomad, and co-founder of a recent startup, GameCows, I spend all of my time working and haven’t stopped to appreciate the time of year. But that is all changing now. I am really getting in the holiday spirit lately!


A special place in my heart

I grew up as an only child with a single mother, living far away from the rest of our family. My mother and I bonded playing board games together, especially around the holidays when we both had some time off. These were some of my happiest childhood memories and have influenced my love of board games (and recent business venture) to this day.


Memories and holiday cheer

In this spirit, I have curated a list of my favourite family board games that you can play during the holidays. The games are educational, strategic, adorable, and addictive! Your kids will love them and soon you’ll be saying… “Another round then?” Without further ado, please enjoy The 20 Best Educational Family Games to Play on Christmas Day 2018.

Christmastime is the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends. I remember many hours spent sitting under the Christmas tree with my mom, playing game after game, until the last embers of the fire burned out.


Quality time with family

Board games are a fantastic way to learn, laugh, and have fun together. The social aspects of playing tabletop board games are unmatched, while the educational components make playing an edifying experience for everyone around the table.


The benefits of board games

Learn strategy, build cities, delve into new worlds, and embark upon quests, all while in the comfort of your own home. Check out Game Cows picks for the perfect educational/family board games to enjoy with your children and loved ones this holiday season… keep reading.

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