How to speed up your WordPress site

Knowing how and when to speed up your word press site is surely a hot topic to discuss. However, it is not impossible to do so, if you truly want to do it; there are various techniques you can employ to get it done.

To speed up your WordPress, kindly take a look at the page- this is very important. In this article, we are going to share 5 tips that will make your word press site to load faster.

Use a lightweight word press theme/ framework

Having a word press themes with lots of social icons, widgets, sliders, dynamic elements and shiny elements is always a pleasure to behold.

It is good to have them, but keep in mind that if there are too many elements than necessary, it may cause the webserver to perform poorly.

The best solution to this is by using lightweight themes such as default themes. If you desire to have a feature-rich website, then it would be ideal to go for a theme that makes use of a nice framework like foundation or bootstrap.

Minify JS and CSS Files

Are you running your site with a Google page speed insights tool? If so, you will be notified to reduce the size of your JS and CSS files. The implication of this is that by reducing the JS and CSS files and calls, you will enhance the performance of your site.

Also, if you understand how to word press theme works, you will be required to study Google guides, understand how it works and do some manual fixing when and where necessary. If you still don’t understand this, you can make use of certain plugins that will enable you to achieve this result. Autoptimize is one of the popular plugins that can help you in optimizing the HTML, JS, and CSS o your WordPress website.

Select a better web hosting provider

The type of website hosting provider you use will determine the speed of your website. Some people think that it is a good idea to host their websites on shared hosting platforms that provide unlimited domains, emails, space, bandwidth and lots more.

But one important thing that most businesses fail to understand is that shared hosting provider often doesn’t give good loading time especially during peak hours, and a good number of them don’t offer 99% uptime in any specific month.

You are advised to desist from using shared hosting because they don’t guarantee optimal performance. The reason is that you are sharing particular server space with many websites and you have no idea of the volume of resources others are using, and you can’t tell how those servers are optimized. The good thing is that all these could be purchased at a good price option with good web hosting deals.

Use an effective caching plug-in

Although WordPress plugins are good, you are strongly advised to use the ones that are within the caching category because they will drastically improve the way your page loads.

Thankfully, they are free, simple, easy to use, highly convenient and extremely easy to install and activate. Using an effective caching plug-in is the best way to make your page load faster than you can think.

Accelerate mobile pages

Make sure your website is using accelerated mobile pages or AMP. This is simply an open-source project that enables your site to be browsed on mobile devices.

If your website is using this advanced technology, it will help it to load instantly without any delays. Google and other search engines are usually giving out great rankings to websites that are currently using this amazing technology.

These 5 tips will enable your WordPress site to load faster!

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