How to Reduce Stress at Work

How to Reduce Stress at Work: 5 Simple Strategies Anyone Can Follow

It seems a bit ironic that the modern work environment aims to make people’s lives easier and even cut time spent in the office with the use of innovative technology, yet everyone seems to be chained to their laptops more than ever before. Everyone seems so stressed out chasing the career goals that they completely neglect the fact that happiness is the key to a thriving career. You need to love what you do, otherwise, what’s the point?

Alas, being passionate about your work is not enough to banish the weight of daily stress and negativity that permeates many a modern workplace. Reducing stress at work, in fact, begins with you changing your personal life for the better, and weaving your newly-found happiness into every aspect of your career. Let’s take a look at the five strategies that will help you reduce stress at work and lead to a more positive lifestyle.


Discover the signs and triggers of stress

Pinpointing the root cause of your worries and angst is not easy. While it might sometimes seem that the reason you’re feeling stressed is staring you right in the face, the reality is that, oftentimes, there is a deeper, underlying issue you need to resolve. Remember, there is usually a causality chain when it comes to stress, so it’s important to discover just how far down it goes.

One of the best things you can do to discover your triggers is to get organized. Instead of trying to wrap your head around the problem while you’re busy working, you want to wait until you come home and then start working your way back through the day with a cool head. Be sure to grab a pen and paper and note down every stressful situation of the day, all the way back to the moment you left the house in the morning.


Develop a positive morning routine

Speaking of leaving the house in the morning, what did you do before that? Did you wake up 15 minutes before heading out? If so, your poor morning routine might be the thing causing you stress. The way you start your day can significantly influence how you end it, so developing a healthy morning routine should be a priority.

Start by waking up at the same time every morning (and early, mind you), and getting plenty of natural light permeate the room. Take the time to get a quick fasted workout into kick-start your system, but not before you drink a warm glass of water mixed with honey and lemon. After that, you can enjoy a refreshing shower before you leave. But wait, let’s not forget about breakfast.


A healthy diet can make all the difference

Many people don’t fully grasp the importance of proper nutrition for their overall well-being. A healthy body influences a healthy mind, and if you truly want to eliminate the daily stress and ensure health and positivity, you need to develop a healthy eating routine.

That doesn’t mean following a diet, but rather transforming your eating habits altogether with a customized plan such as the One3One Method that will shape your diet to your needs and allow you to enjoy delicious food that fuels your body to function at its very best. Remember that diet fads come and go, but healthy habits stick around to sculpt a positive, thriving lifestyle.


Get up and about in your off time

You don’t have to become a professional athlete to be healthy and happy, you just need an effective exercise routine that will boost the production of happy hormones and let you blow off some steam. Some of the best exercises for busy people can be done right at the office, but an even better idea is to devote some free time to proper training.

The gym is a great place to get your sweat on, but if you’re not a fan of the iron jungle, simply head out into the great outdoors for a rejuvenating run. Once you get the fitness ball rolling, you will start feeling positive and more focused on a daily basis. Before long, you will be going to work with newly-found enthusiasm and positivity, able to preserve mental clarity longer than before. Heck, even your boss won’t be able to push your buttons because you left all of your negative energy on that poor punching bag.


Set your non-negotiables

Finally, there is a need to emphasize the importance of simply learning to say NO. Many people, especially in the work environment, have a difficult time catering to their own needs when confronted by the seemingly endless requests from their colleagues and superiors.

Don’t worry, saying “no” doesn’t make you a bad person, and if you follow it up with a concise and honest explanation, you can soften the blow to any superior and get them to cut you some slack without any repercussions. Whatever your non-negotiables might be, be sure to write them down, and never waver.


The modern workplace, no matter how engaging and versatile, is still permeated by stress and negativity on a daily basis. Many employees eventually crack under the relentless pressure, which is why it’s a good idea to start developing these healthy habits early on, in order to pave the road to long-term happiness in the workplace.

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