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How to Pick the Best-Fitting Sunglasses

Aside from protecting our eyes from the sun, sunglasses can also frame your face and highlight its best features. However, if you pick the wrong glasses, you can achieve the reverse effect—your bad features will come to light while your good ones will be hidden. For instance, a round face with round sunglasses will look even rounder and disproportionate! But, how do you find the glasses that will do your face justice? Once you know what to look for and what to avoid, shopping for a perfect pair will be pretty simple. Here’s a simple and straightforward guide for picking the best-fitting sunglasses.


Round faceRound face

Round faces are super cute! They have noticeable curves and very few defined angles, so if you wish to achieve a good balance between roundness and sharpness, pick glasses with angular features. Your ideal eyewear shouldn’t have too many curves that will complement your face, but be full of sharp and sleek lines that will make your face look thinner, sharper and more mature. For instance, rectangular glasses and squares will fit nicely and contrast your round face. High-on-the-temple shades should also look great!


Square face

If you have a face with approximately the same length and width, but with a defined jaw and forehead, you have a square-shaped face. So, in order to soften up the sharp features of your face, you might benefit from a pair of round or oval lenses that will give your face a more balanced look. For instance, try on a pair of classic Ray-Ban aviators or check out some butterfly frames. All in all, any rounded frame style will fit you nicely.


Diamond faceDiamond face

Faces with a narrow jawline and forehead, but with highly defined cheekbones, are often referred to as diamond-shaped faces. This type of face looks best in oval glasses, preferably rimless models. They always complement those wide cheekbones and add width to the narrow jaw. Pro tip: make sure your frame isn’t wider than the cheekbones to avoid a further widening of the face!


Rectangular face

Rectangular or oblong faces are long and narrow with very few angles. So, if you want to give such a face some definition, definitely opt for oversized glasses. Also, in order to add some width to a rectangular face, pick larger wayfarers or any sunglasses with thicker frames. Are these not your style? Don’t worry, you can also check out some vintage frames with sharp angles and lines that will give your face a nice edge and sharpen your soft features. Also, if you’re very sporty and active, you’re going to love your rectangular face. Why? Well, you’ll look amazing in wraps and shields that are great for all sorts of sports, especially water sports. So, next time you’re in a country like Australia, the water sports mecca, check out some sunglasses in Sydney and pick a pair of shades that will protect your eyes and provide you with a saturated view and beautiful contrast. You’re bound to have a great eyewear experience AND turn some heads!


Heart-shaped face

A heart-shaped face, also called a triangular face, is characterized by wide temples and a narrow chin. These faces look best when accompanied by sunglasses with wide lower edges and less defined lines along the top edge. This means all the attention will be shifted towards your chin, which will widen it and give your face more symmetry. Rimless glasses will look great on you and so will the aviators. They are both bigger at the bottom which will work wonders for you!


Oval face

If you have a gently rounded face with fairly even features, you’ve been blessed with an oval face. And boy, are you lucky! Oval faces look amazing in pretty much any type of sunglasses, so shopping is very easy for you. Sporty to the designer, functional to purely aesthetic, you’ll rock all sunglasses, as long as you avoid models that are too big. These huge shades will block your beautiful and symmetrical features, which is a sin! Instead, pick ones that only cover the part of the face between your eyebrows and cheekbones.

Oval face

Now that you know your face type, you can go shopping for some new eyewear without any stress and fear. You’ll not only cut your shopping time in half but also end up with the right shades for your face!

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