How to perfectly decorate your home exterior for the Holidays

The holiday season has arrived and it’s time to decorate your home inside out. But contrary to popular belief, decorating home exterior for the holidays can be quite a challenge. However, the trick is to find the perfect way to make everything look festive without disturbing the landscape and exterior design. And the following tips may help you to achieve just that.

Decorate the Front Door

When you decorate home exterior, the best place to start from is the front door. After all, this is the place your guests will notice first and it must be welcoming. However, try not to overdo it and use simple solutions, especially if you plan to decorate the rest of the home exterior.

Wreath made of Christmas berry is elegant, festive and has all the colours of the holiday season. On the other hand, garland decorated with pine cones and golden bows is ideal to hand around the door frame. Also, place two Nutcrackers from both sides of the door which will especially be a treat for children or go with pots filled with evergreen branches and ornaments.

Use Columns to Festive Advantage

Columns are perfect to wrap garland, lights or festive bows around them. However, there is another way to use them to your advantage when decorating your home exterior. It will take some time and paint, as well as some artistic skills but the end result will leave the whole neighbourhood in awe.

Turn your columns into snowmen or Santa with a stroke of a brush, and don’t worry – you can easily repaint it later and refresh your house exterior a bit. On the other hand, if this is too much, hang red fabric top to bottom from each column and wrap the green or gold ribbon around them. That way you will still create a festive decoration and won’t have to dirty your hands or worry about your artistic skills. 

Invest In Good Lighting

When it comes to decorating a home exterior for the holidays, you can do a lot with a good lighting plan. Start off by hanging small Christmas lights on the edge of the roof and on the porch fence. If you have columns, they could be a nice spot to hang some garland and add lights to it as well.

However, since Christmas falls during summer, combine general Australian lighting solutions with holiday decorations. Thus, keep the swimming pool or pathways normally lit and decorate awnings, trees, bushes or hedges in the yard with colourful lights. That way you will avoid the tacky looking exterior while staying practical and classy.  

Make Your Outdoor Fireplace Part of the Festivities

Outdoor fireplace and seating set are ideal for decorating, as well as to use during holidays. Just imagine a holiday party you can throw there or have a small get together with friends and family. Start the decorations by placing a garland above the fireplace and adding red ornaments and small silver bows to it.

Place a bowl of red fruit like pomegranate to add more festive colours to the mix, and you can mix it all with some green apples as well. Use festive cushions for the seating set and candles to create the mood in the evenings. A nice Christmas bouquet would be a sophisticated addition for the table instead of a bowl of fruits just make sure to add fresh water to last longer.

In the End

Decorating for holidays is quite a task, but one that people enjoy doing and can’t wait to see how it all turned out. Home exterior is equally important as the inside of your home, and you can decorate it with some lighting, wreaths, and garlands. To play it safe, keep it simple and symmetrical and you will have a perfect decoration on your home.

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