How to Network Effectively to Grow your Business and Personal Brand

“You only get one chance to make a first impression.”

Networking is one of the most important key elements in any business. Why? Well, it’s quite simple. It’s one of the most effective ways to build strong relationships with other business owners who may refer your business or even use your services. While going to networking events might seem daunting at first, like anything else it’s a skill that takes time to develop.

Jada Perfect, CEO of Boss Lady Events, is Australia’s newest and fast-growing networking events for women in business. Jada has shared with us below, some of her tips and tricks on how to network effectively to grow your business and personal brand.

First impressions last forever whether we laugh or cringe about it later, it’s a fact so let’s ensure we make it memorable. Networking to grow your business is vital for success, let’s be honest its all about who we know these days. As a boss lady myself who loves to get out of my comfort zone and network I’m happy to share a few tips below.

Before someone has interacted with you, they have already passed judgment, harsh truth. Keep your body language positive by standing tall, try and relax while keeping your shoulders back as this send signals as to how we are feeling. It communicates to those around us we are comfortable and in return makes them feel comfortable to approach you.

The simplest way to start a conversation is to make eye contact, approach, shake their hand firmly and ask the person what their name is and what business they are in. They will then, in turn, ask you the same questions in return. If this doesn’t happen, don’t shy away from introducing yourself and letting them know who you are and what you do. When the conversation begins- be genuine, be confident in yourself and be conscious of the persona you are vibrating to others. Body language is nonverbal communication so keep it in the back of your mind. Don’t shy away from developing a curiosity for others by asking them questions and be open-minded about building diversified relationships with others outside of your field of expertise; you may never know when you might need them.

When networking, recognizing and meeting the right people is crucial. Discussing and ensuring your brands align determines quite quickly, who you can build strong mutually beneficial relationships with. Identifying these points will decide if it’s worthwhile continuing the conversation after a few minutes.
If it’s not, offer your business card or social media details, politely thank them for their time and move along. Ending each conversation gracefully leaves a lasting impression, you want this to be positive as in the future they may be of more benefit to you and your business. If you enjoyed the conversation vocalise that with the listener before you leave. Last but not least don’t forget to flash your pearly whites with a smile. A smile goes a long way and best of all its completely Free.

Jada, Boss Lady Events


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