Market a New Branch

How to Market a New Branch of Your Business

In order to kick things off a good start, a new branch of business needs to be promoted well. Whether it’s a new location, a new service, or a new line of products, expanding your company is a major investment, and a risk, that can only be justified with strong returns. Start promoting it early with some of these tactics for effective marketing:


Online Promotion

A social media presence is practically a necessity these days, and it should already be a part of your marketing. It’s the perfect place to announce the new addition and start inviting discussions of the new branch to audiences that are already familiar with your brand. Don’t overlook posting video or other media to YouTube and Flickr. You should also add a page or two to your company website devoted to the new offering. Be sure to follow good SEO tactics by including keywords relevant to the new operation throughout the content.


Local Advertising

If you depend on local customers, take advantage of business listings on Google, Bing, and Yahoo that will include maps guiding people right to your door. Join in community events and have someone on hand to distribute flyers mentioning the new addition to your company. You should also take the time to come up with distinctive visual advertising that locals will be drawn to and remember. Customized feather flag manufacturing is an excellent option for catching the eye quickly.


Email Campaigns

If you haven’t been collecting email addresses from your customers, social followers, and online visitors, it’s time to start. Also, invite visitors to subscribe on the webpage announcing your new branch. Before it even opens, you can generate interest through personalized emails describing your new business addition or perhaps offering incentives like freebies, contests, or coupons to commemorate the occasion.


Press Releases

Make your new addition a newsworthy event by getting the announcement into the press. Start before it launches and continues for a few months afterward. You can write press releases to local papers, trade magazines, and online resources that help you manage press releases nationally. Talk about your company history and growth, and clearly explain the benefit it will provide to customers.

Don’t count on your regular marketing efforts to spread the world on something that’s entirely new to your organization. Opening a new aspect of your company is an important milestone for you and your customers, so you should do your best to ensure that the target market for it feels the same way.

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