How to Layer Like a Lady Boss

Summer has officially slipped through our fingers, but there is absolutely no need to dwell on it, because we now get to explore one of the most fun and chic fall fashion trends of all – smart layering. A lady boss should always be prepared, and if you are one, fall is your time to shine, show off your creativity and (aside from all other skills you have) put your mad layering skills to use. Contrary to popular belief, fall is actually when our style thrives as, by carefully combining several items of clothing, we get to showcase just what our style persona is all about, not to mention that layering, when done well can exude incredibly powerful vibes, so without further ado, let’s see how we can help you master this skill like a pro that you are in every other aspect of your life.

First and foremost

The first one on the list is inevitably the power suit. After all, it did mark the entire year and we have a sneaking suspicion that it won’t be going away anytime soon, especially since lady bosses all over the globe have finally found the perfect powerful uniform that unlike the suits of yore, oozes not only dominance but utter chicness as well. In order to assert your place as a power player, we suggest a suit from the prime color family as they certainly make for a strong impact.

Now, for the layering, we suggest a white blouse with tiny polka dots and a bow neckline for added femininity. To seal the deal, opt for the latest trend – pointed-toe two-toned ankle boots with a medium heel, and a structured handbag in the same hue for a sense of uniformity. Finally, when the weather gets a bit harsher, throw on one of the amazing women’s jackets over your shoulders – a classic trench coat is perfect for the job, and you’re all set.

Familiar with a twist

Pencil skirts have for a long time been an office staple; just make sure to choose the length that visually elongates your figure for a maximum flattering effect. Now, instead of a simple black or gray one, infuse a touch of trendiness by opting for an equally conservative yet a skirt with much more flair – the plaid skirt. The high-rise cut will emphasize your waist, and in the spirit of Carolina Herrera, add a belt in a contrasting hue for additional, yet still professional pizzazz.

Now, you could go old-school with this look and opt for a crisp white fitted shirt, or you can take a slightly more casual route with a white or black tee – depending on the hues on your skirt. It won’t take anything away from your professional vibe, especially if you add a fitted blazer into the mix along with patent leather pumps and a solid black crossbody bag.

Definitely allowed

If you were wondering if you could pull off jeans at the workplace, the answer is definitely yes, but you need to play the rest of your cards right. For instance, with something as casual as jeans you need to up the ante with a serious fitted black turtleneck and a gorgeous burgundy blazer – just for added flair. The blazer can be oversized and double-breasted, as this will keep you looking fierce and feminine, but also warm and toasty at the same time. Flat oxfords or Gucci leather loafers will definitely take this look to figurative new heights, and this look definitely calls for a large structured leather bag, perhaps something in burgundy to send the message that you mean business.

Say yes to the dress

If you can find something that looks like one of the most iconic dresses from Erdem’s line, or can perhaps snag this exact dress, you have a power dress that will make you look absolutely stunning yet office-appropriate. It’s usually warm at the office, so aside from a pair of black suede Mary Janes, you won’t need much else, aside from, of course, a structured top handle bag that simply exudes sharp elegance. Of course, as it may be chilly on your way to the office, you might want to resort to some pattern mixing and go for a stunning and powerful cape-coat in a checked pattern. The colors and patterns will mesh wonderfully, and you can even have your Miranda Presley moment when you simply throw the cape off your shoulder and nonchalantly throw it on the hanger.  

Always listen to Tim Gunn

The man isn’t a fashion icon for no reason, so if he says that one of the ten key pieces every woman should own is simple and elegant black trousers, then so be it. Black is the most neutral color of all and the conservativeness of the classic cut can both satisfy the demands of offices with a strict dress code and give you wiggle room to play in the style department. The best thing that goes with black trousers is a well-pressed white shirt. However, this look by no means has to look overly conservative and dull, especially not if you throw in a pair of statement earrings and a colorful neck scarf that will add the much-needed pop of color into your combo. And, if you want to make things just a little more casual and chic, at least while on your way to work, a stunning oversized long cardigan in a pale gray hue with puff sleeves will make you look like one of the masters of layering – a stunning French girl.

Of course, make sure your clothes are always well ironed and fit like a glove as being a professional is all about looking presentable and then everything else. Now, go, play with scarves, jackets, blazers, sweaters; use our suggestions as inspiration and then fly and make them your own.


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