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How to Keep Your Office Space Cool in the Summer

There is nothing worse than knowing that you have to go to work in a hot environment. If you are an office worker in one of the many older buildings located across the United States, you may deal with stuffy, humid, hot spaces five days per week. Here are some ways that you can stay cool no matter how hot it is outside.


Be Smart with the Windows

Even if your windows are closed, they can let in a lot of heat. This is particularly true of older windows that are not energy star-rated. Keep your blinds tilted or even closed when the sun if facing them to keep cooler office air from heating up uncomfortably. In addition, if there is nothing but hot, humid air outside, you will not do your office any good by opening windows. Open windows only for cool breezes that are lower in temperature than your current office temperature is.


Place Fans in Key Locations

A well-placed fan can make it feel almost as if your office is air-conditioned. Consider placing large fans in places that will create the most good for everyone without blasting anyone with a breeze. Be sure to invest in quiet fans that will not disrupt your office atmosphere.


Do Not Create Extra Heat

There are many things in offices that can actually add to the temperature of the building. Electronics, in particular, create much heat. Turn off computers and other electronics that you are not using, or invest in a laptop cooling stand. Also, make sure that all of your light bulbs are switched to high-efficiency ones.


Stay Cool on the Inside

You and your coworkers can stay cooler by eating and drinking cold things. Keep a mini-fridge stocked with cool water and other favorite drinks to use throughout the day. You can also try bringing a cold lunch, such as a salad, to help you cool down in the middle of the day.


Invest in Air Conditioning

If your office has the right budget, recommend to management that air conditioning may be the key to keeping employees happier. Employees who are comfortable and cool are sure to get more work done throughout the day and are less likely to be tired in the afternoon. Commercial air conditioning installation, like that available from MTA Australia, should optimally be completed in the spring before companies become very busy during the hottest summer months.

Whether your budget is only big enough to purchase a couple of fans or has enough leeway to allow you to install air conditioning throughout your office space, there are plenty of ways that you and your coworkers can stay cool throughout these summer months. Excessive heat in the office can lead to exhaustion, a poor working atmosphere and even physical complaints that could land you in the ER, such as nausea and fainting. Talk to your coworkers to find options that will keep everyone happy.

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