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How To Improve Your Healthcare Business Job Search

In today’s competitive job environment, it can be difficult to separate yourself from other qualified applicants in the business world, let alone the healthcare industry. This means that for a qualified professional who is seeking gainful employment in the healthcare industry – they need to utilize every technique available to help them stand out from other candidates. The good news is that these tips to improve your healthcare job search are easy to implement – and can apply to other industries as well.

By implementing these job search tips, you can go from a zero to a hero in your job search, and ensure that you are not wasting your time.


1. Do Extensive Research

One key thing you need to do when ensuring that you are taking steps to improve your healthcare job search is to do extensive research on the hospital or healthcare facility you wish to work in.

If you are looking to work in a healthcare applications or healthcare software business – the same rules apply. Make sure that you conduct your research.

One of the problems that many job seekers have when they consider whether or not they should apply to a job is to quickly peruse the job posting. The problem with this is that they might miss some critical details or truly evaluate whether or not the position is one they want to apply to.

This means they are most likely wasting their time or setting himself up for disappointment when their qualifications don’t meet what the employer is looking for.

One great way of separating yourself from other job candidates is by doing extensive research to make sure that your application, cover letter, and resume accurately reflect what is directly mentioned in the job posting.

In doing so, you can stand out from other candidates when you apply to those healthcare jobs – because your application and its accompanying documents will more closely align with what they are looking for.


2. Use Healthcare Niche Sites

Another key thing to do that can help separate yourself from other job seekers in the job search process is to use niche sites. One such niche site for healthcare related business jobs and job opportunities is HospitalCareers.

Unfortunately, large job boards like ZipRecruiter and Indeed consistently produce spam applications due to the one-click apply functionality. Individuals can apply to jobs without having read the job description, which means recruiters and hiring managers are inundated with spam applications.

Recruiters are constantly looking for ways to increase the number of qualified candidates they can consider for an open position and are frequently turning to niche sites as the job search environment evolves moving forward.

As hospital and healthcare facility recruitment budgets continue to get tighter and recruiting professionals are expected to do more with less – they are turning to niche job sites where they can narrow down their target audience, and only receive qualified candidate applications for the healthcare jobs they have available.

You can improve your healthcare business job search by using niche job sites, as recruiters continually leave large volume job boards like ZipRecruiter or Indeed where spam applications can come in.


3. Review Your Resume

One thing that many job seekers fail to do before they begin applying jobs is to cater to their resume. When you cater your resume, you can use the extensive research you gathered to stand out from those candidates who are creating a broad resume that they use to apply to every job they come across.

Many job seekers think they should come up with a broad resume so they can apply to every job they come across where they might be remotely qualified for and ultimately save time. These job seekers are looking to apply to a volume of jobs, instead of a select handful.

The problem with this is that when you use a broad resume, you include skills and experience that isn’t relevant to the job you are applying for. When you include irrelevant experience in your resume, it makes it seem as if you didn’t have any other applicable experience in the healthcare industry.

This makes it seem as if you are less qualified than you really are. Therefore, you should take the time to cater to your resume – and make sure that it is working for you instead of against you.



With a few simple steps you can easily improve your job search prospects, and it only takes a few minutes. Separate yourself from those other candidates who don’t do adequate research and use it to their advantage. Utilizing niche job boards can help ensure that you’re not getting buried underneath spam applications from some of the largest job boards, and reviewing your resume will ensure that it works for you, not against you.

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Ryan Bucci is a Content Strategist with HospitalCareers. HospitalCareers is the leading recruitment platform for hospital job seekers with over 25,000+ healthcare jobs, career advice, and career insights.

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