How to improve your email marketing strategy

Many business consultants look for elite channels for mass communication. Email marketing is one of the best ways through which a business can communicate, progress and mark its own territory in the global market. Nearly all the business owners and digital marketers come to a consensus regarding initiation and maintenance of email marketing. Today in this century, it forms a huge part of a good marketing scheme. It is a well-proven way to get in touch with the consumers, update them about the latest changes and offers and, ensure that their support and interest in the specific business brand stays intact.

While few marketing professionals are expert in dealing with the content marketing, advertisement, strategy making and social media and email marketing, some others face difficulty in it.
As we are focusing here on the email marketing strategies, you should read ahead to find out ways of how to improve this type of marketing.


What is email marketing?

Before we process ahead, let’s clear out the idea of what exactly is email marketing. It is a means of marketing through which you can contact the potential and current consumers through emails. And what are the emails about? These emails contain advertisements, updates of the business brand and other offers that would keep the interest of the customers in the place. The basic purpose of this marketing is to increase brand awareness and it helps a lot to do so.


Improvements in email marketing strategies that you can make:

Every small and medium business marketing team tries to send out the finest email to its customers but at times, fails to do so. Here are some effective improvements that you can make in your strategy:

1) Clear your goals and make the best first impression:

Before you start with email marketing (this goes for all other marketing domains too), be prepared and clear in your minds about what to do next and especially how to take the first step. Those marketers who start without specific goals in mind fail to evaluate their progress on a weekly or monthly basis. Thus, before you begin with sending emails, make sure you know why you are doing it and what will help to achieve it at a quicker pace

Moreover, the first impression is what counts the most. When you are sending the very first email to a new contract, make sure you treat them differently than your regular email receivers.

2) Focus on segmentation of the contact list:

Segmentation of the contact list allows you to send dedicated messages to specific contacts. Once you have segmented the contact list, you’ll know where your regular consumers lie, which group of contacts is more interested in news or offer and to whom should you send emails on a regular basis. This way you can target specific and potential customers without wasting your methods or compromise the brand’s progress.

3) Come up with an attractive subject line and use a real email address:

As soon as the email is received in an inbox, what is the thing that decides whether the receiver will open it or simply delete it? It is the subject line and the sender’s email address. The subject line of your email must be attractive, interesting and relevant to the receiver. Only then will he or she open it and look into what it has got to offer. Next is the email address.

The fashion of sending the emails with the email address ‘donotreply’ steals away the interest of the reader. The email must be sent with a real person’s name so that the reader appreciates the interest of the business line in his support for the brand.

4) Make your emails mobile friendly:

As the trend of using the smartphone for net surfing continues, it builds up a challenge of dealing with mobile responsive websites and emails for the digital marketing experts. Now one great thing that will help you improve your email strategy is making the emails mobile responsive. They must open up in mobile phones easily and at a quick speed plus the email web page must be attractive and compelling.

5) Include calls to action and clickthroughs:

Another way to promote your email marketing strategy is to include a call to action and clickthroughs in the email. The calls to action will compel the readers to try out the product being advertised while the click to the open option will help you to directly transfer the email into a way of receiving more traffic. The people prefer to have shortcuts in their life. Giving them an easy way to visit your website or blog will help you increase the consumption rate. If not, then it’s possible that many readers simply go through your email and skip the visiting website part.

6) Do you know about the prime time to send an email?

This one will really turn things around!
You need to find out the right time to send the emails so that the readers go through it. According to different researches, the best time is around 8 p.m. to midnight. The simple logic behind this is that this duration is not a peak time for office workers. This is why the office workers and those at home who avoid opening the emails in the morning to open the ones they receive at night.

7) Give something for free:

The human mind is attracted to things it gets at a discount offer or for free. It is not necessary that you give away free products or services to your customers (but if you do, you’ll get a surprisingly high turnover). You can also focus on giving away free but informative and high-quality content. Moreover, free advice or answers to questions and customer queries are also preferred.

8) Promote sign up pop-ups on social media networks:

Last but not the least at all, don’t forget to add pop-ups of your signing up offers on different social media networks as they are the places where people are present all the time. You can add pop-ups on different websites as well as many people sign up to receive emails from there too.

These 8 ways are the best of all to improve your email marketing strategy. Include them in your marketing scheme and see the change in your overall progress yourself.

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