How to improve your company’s shipping process

The 21st century has given companies a chance to sell products without ever seeing the customers. E-commerce websites allow easy access to numerous products.
The only downside of the online store is that customers can’t get their products immediately.

That’s why fast and safe shipping has become an important factor, which determines the company’s reputation.

Without a proper shipping process, even the best online store can’t make any profits. How can you improve your shipping approach to keep the customers coming? Let’s find out.

1. Be Transparent

Hidden fees may have been a fun toy to play with in the past when the competition wasn’t so harsh. Today, a hidden shipping fee which suddenly appears at the checkout is a sure way to get the customer to abandon the cart. Make sure all the information about shipping is available on your website.

Don’t add shipping and handling fees right before the payment process. You are unlikely to be paid. It’s often a good idea to incorporate the shipping costs into the product’s price and offer “free shipping” to your clients.

Free shipping is an excellent marketing move, which can save you worries about unhappy customers who would be incurring extra costs.  

2. Validate Addresses

Before you ship a product, make sure you have the right shipping address. Companies all over the world lose thousands of dollars by sending their products to non-existent or wrong addresses. By doing that, you don’t just incur extra fees, you lose customers.

Even the most meticulous client can make a mistake when typing in the mailing address. You can take advantage of such programs as address validation by Byteplant to make sure the address is valid.

3. Offer Numerous Shipping Options

Don’t limit yourself to offering a door-to-door shipping option to your clients. These days, more than 50% of online shoppers prefer to see the pickup point option on the list as well. Not everyone is happy with couriers leaving their parcel at the doorstep when they are away. They’d rather pick it up on their own.

It doesn’t take too much effort to provide several shipping options. Meanwhile, having just one choice can cost you a client. Consider express shipping options as well. Many clients are ready to pay extra for quick delivery.

4. Choose Your Shipping Partner Carefully

The way the shipping company delivers your products is a reflection of the way your company works. If they make a mistake, a customer will blame you and leave negative reviews about your services. So take a careful approach to work with a carrier.

It often makes sense to pay higher fees for shipping to ensure safe and timely delivery. Before signing a contract, ask the company to share reviews, insurance options, customer support options, successful delivery stats, and delay stats.

5. Research Tracking Options

When the customer is waiting for a delivery, days may seem like weeks. With a tracking tool at hand, you can make the waiting easier. Make sure you have a way to track the packages you ship and inform your clients about the route automatically.

Today, customers can take advantage of numerous apps to track their packages or get SMS about the parcel status. Make sure you offer a link to this option when you ship the items.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to shipping, numerous ways exist to improve it. From free shipping offers to different tracking options, you should always keep the customer in mind. The smallest blunder related to the delivery could cost you a client. Make sure it doesn’t become the reason your sales go down.

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