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How to Grow Your Fashion Brand in 2018 and Make It Awesome

You have studied and worked in the industry for years to create your own fashion line, driven by the desire to add more beauty and authenticity to the world – and yet to stand out in 2018, it takes so much more than being a fashion visionary to make your name reverberate across the world of style.

The challenge of recognition, loyalty, and growth has exploded in the past few years, only to see its culmination as you’re reading this text. What does it take to make a truly brilliant website? How can you use social media to boost your sales? What makes your name known to the world? However, this challenge doesn’t come without its possible solutions, and perhaps this is your brand’s chance to truly rise out of adversity.

From finding your bearings in the realm of online shopping, crafting a distinct brand experience, all the way to keeping up with your customers’ preferences, the world of innovation has not disappointed in the variety of ways to make your brand an iconic one. Let’s take a look at several techy and creative options to learn how to grow your fashion brand.

Merging the online and the offline

Once upon a time, building your brick-and-mortar store was all it took to out-dazzle your competitors. Nowadays, on the other hand, life has become an intricate network of digital and non-digital experiences, making the online world an essential part of being human, and being stylish. The seemingly impersonal act of shopping online can be made much more enjoyable by incorporating, for instance, videos of actual customers wearing your clothing, or style-guides.

Then again, using certain platforms allows you to invite your users to pay online while they can choose an in-store pickup in one of your brick-and-mortar locations. This will further inspire an emotional bond through actual human interaction and create a seamless experience which is under their control. Remember, your online and offline identity need to consistently represent your brand through visual imagery and language alike so that your customers instantly know “this is my brand” when they walk into your store or visit your website.


Inspiring loyalty

In addition to selling exquisite garments that initially draw customers towards your brand, it takes much more to actually retain them and make them return customers. In an age of overabundance of versatile fashion brands, as well as competitive prices, it’s all too easy for them to be swept away by another competing brand with a brilliant marketing campaign.

To bring the element of loyalty into your branding efforts, create those beloved loyalty programs, offer discounts for regular shoppers, and commemorate special occasions with coupons and gift certificates. Think: Valentine’s Day, your own brand’s anniversary, a product launch – they are al wonderful “excuses” to splurge, and your chance to win over a few hearts!


Seeking support

You have probably started this courageous journey as a fashion designer, not a business expert, right? And as such, you are probably faced by a myriad of complex issues that require your attention, and to be fair, a decent amount of expertise in financing, management, and plain old business savvy. One doesn’t become an entrepreneurial guru overnight and recognizing you need some guidance in the process is what will serve as yet another stepping stone of growth for your brand.

Whether you require an all-encompassing platform for monitoring your orders and inventory, or you need an intuitive software solution for managing your online presence, experts such as Niche Fashion Technology excel at precisely these and other areas of the fashion business.


Getting creative with content

No matter how awesome your website or your stores may be, if you don’t enrich your brand and keep it alive through versatile content, you will fall into oblivion since all other brands are literally overflowing the Internet with content. Keep in mind that everything from your daily status updates on Facebook, Instagram and other social networks, blog posts, YouTube videos, and professional photos constitutes content that has the power to transform a mere viewer into a customer.

You have already shown a great deal of creativity in terms of making original garments, so why would anything stop you from applying the same creativity in the form of language and imagery? It may take time, or you might need to hire an expert, but the content is the ultimate frontier of customer engagement and brand recognition. The right content strategy will spark a conversation every step of the way, with customer reviews, their own photos and videos, exchanging comments and ideas, and a wide range of other means of communication.


Building your influence

Among so many clever strategies that you’ll come up with during the course of your fashionable conquests, none will come close to the recently popularized idea of influencer marketing. No matter how small your fashion niche may be, there is an influencer list out there who can launch your brand straight to stardom when you establish the right connection.

People are everything nowadays, so how you nurture those relationships will greatly shape your overall brand success. It’s best to think long-term, research well before you reach out, and always base your relationship on transparency and honesty – customers and influencers alike can smell a fake from a mile away, so don’t let them doubt you for a single moment. Establish an emotional bond and nourish it with genuine respect and trust, and your brand will flourish!

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