How to get cheaper tickets to Tokyo

Travelling can be super exciting, but tickets to get to your dream destination can be expensive and make the whole thing feel kind of daunting! If you dream of visiting Japan’s capital, but are put off by the ticket prices, there are several methods you can use that can help you save money on flights, so you can spend it on the things that matter (all the delicious food and fantastic sights!).

Clear cookies and browsing data

Travel sites use several different methods to track your location and browsing history. Often, if you search a similar topic multiple times, airlines and flight comparison sites pick up on this and can increase the prices of their flights accordingly. One way to get around this is by always browsing for flights using incognito mode. Incognito mode resets your cookies with each new window, and if you use a new window for each new search, it should keep flights from having these repeated search price spikes.

Be picky about your travel dates

If you’re looking to travel to Tokyo for cheap, it’s worth considering the date you wish to travel. Generally, you can save money by choosing to travel to Japan during the country’s off-peak times. According to Finder, flights are the cheapest in July and August, although they are still fairly affordable in September and October too.

The day of the week you choose to travel could have an impact on flight prices too. A researcher claims that flights departing on Tuesdays and Wednesdays tend to be the cheapest. It is said that Thursdays and Saturdays also often see cheap airfares.

If you are flexible about planning your holiday in Tokyo, it is worth keeping these days and dates in mind when booking your journey.

Use flight comparison sites

Flight comparison sites allow travellers to compare the airfares offered by different companies. These sites are a valuable tool when researching and booking flights, as they allow the booker to get a general guide for the average price of tickets to a destination, and to scout out any particularly
cheap flights or good deals.

When using a comparison site such as, the user is shown a variety of flights from their departure location to their holiday destination, with flights that have the lowest prices and shortest duration highlighted. There are also options available to sort by price, duration, departure time and
arrival time.

Book in advance

The idea that you can wait until the very last minute to book a flight and score some super cheap tickets isn’t really a thing. The best way to use the time to your advantage when booking flights is to book ahead of time. A study by travel websites found that booking your trip 70 days in advance
looks to be the sweet spot for savings.

Invest in a VPN

A VPN stands for a virtual private network, and it could be just your ticket for finding cheap Tokyo flights! VPNs work by hiding your location and browsing history, which as we know both can have an impact on the cost of flights you see.

One way to save money on tickets is to browse for tickets from a lower income location. For example, if you set your IP address to read as a location in India, you will see different prices to what you otherwise would if your IP address is set to the USA. There are also stories on the internet that claim setting your IP to a lower-socio-economic location such as Detroit offers cheaper prices for airfares.

Changing your IP address to the country the airline is based in can also yield good results when it comes to monetary savings. VPNmentor tested this and found that flights with Brussels Airlines were cheaper when the user’s IP address was set to Belgium, rather than the USA. It’s possible that you could use this trick to your advantage when booking flights too! For example, if you were looking to book flights from Sydney to Tokyo, using a Japanese airline, it would be worth setting your IP address to Japan, as there’s a chance that this could make the flights cheaper.

If you’re thinking about going this route, rest assured that VPNs are legal, and while not free, VPN subscriptions are relatively cheap.

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