How to Find Happiness and Job Satisfaction

We all want to be happy in what we do. We want to have a purpose, and look forward to going to work each day. I am sure if we all look at the online surveys people have taken, in relation to satisfaction at work, we would be quite surprised and alarmed with the number of people that are actually NOT happy and dread going to work every day.

So what makes for job satisfaction, and happiness?

Here are our Top 5 tips for staying happy in your job:-

1.  Find What You Are Good At

There is no use doing a job if you are not good at it. You need to ascertain your strengths and weigh up whether the field you are in, is the best one for you. More often than not, people either get desperate for a job and accept anything, or they think they can do something they can’t.

You need to take the time to sit down, and write what you are good at, and then work out the best jobs for you – it may not be the one you are currently in.

2.  Developing Good Working Relationships

Having a close and supportive relationship, not only with your co-workers but also your boss, is a necessity. Positive working relationships, will, in turn, equal positive behavior for you also. Find out who you relate to at work, and take the time to speak with them, and get to know them not only on a business level but a personal one also. There is nothing wrong with being friends with people at work. If you like their company, and you get on well together, go out with them on the weekend, or spend some one on one time with them. This can be seen as a highly motivating factor, and often businesses will incorporate social clubs, to get employees mixing together.

As well as your colleagues, creating a good relationship with your boss is a must also. While some people might see having a close relationship with your boss as a bit “sucky,” it will certainly open the door to promotion and accomplishment, if you shine at what you do and relate well to them.

3.  Be Positive

Sure, we all hate the alarm going off at 6 am every morning, but instead of moaning and groaning about having to drag ourselves out of bed and into work, we should be more positive in thinking, and realise that there are certainly worse things we could be doing. A job is a way to make a means, and in turn to get the nice paycheck each week, we need to put in the hard yards. Yet again, it all comes back to doing something you love.

4.  Set Goals

It is a well-known fact that there is a common relationship between job satisfaction and goal-setting. By setting some business goals, you will know what you want to achieve, and where you want to see yourself. It should be a good thing for working towards goals, and it will certainly increase productivity.

Another positive coming out of goal-setting is asking for feedback. If you feel there is room for improvement, or you could do a task better, ask a colleague or your boss. Feedback should not be seen as a bad thing – it should pave the way for bigger and brighter things.

5.  Do Something You Love

While this may seem obvious, there are many people out there that often just have a job to make ends meet. They are just interested in the monetary factor, and not about being happy. The bottom line is, you need to wake up every morning and look forward to going into work, not resent the fact. You need to enjoy what you do, and above all, enjoy the people’s company, that you work with.

Although there will be some emotional, behavioural and psychological factors to overcome, most people will realise that job satisfaction is not really that bigger task to achieve. It’s all about finding what you are good at, enjoy doing it, and smile along the way.

I will leave you with one of my favourite sayings, that sums it all up……

“Find a job you love, and never work a day in your life!


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