How to Deal With Difficult Customers

Every customer support staff will have some or the other experience where a client was terribly upset and how he or she handled the situation or could not handle situation. In reality, everyone who wants to join a customer facing job especially support needs to look at the human angle of the job. It is considered very mundane in a customer support job to deal with angry customers who are shouting or have completely lost it due to issues which they are facing. These are the difficulties of the job and is part and parcel of the game.

The customer service training which you receive at the very beginning of your customer support job is very important. Here you will be taught to deal with angry and ruthless customers. You will be taught how not to lose your plot and deal with anger, criticism and abusive behavior from the other end. This training will teach you to be more professional even when the customer is hurling out very angry words at you, even though he or she has never seen you. If you know how to deal with angry customers you will definitely sail through the other calls wherein the customer is calm and composed.


How to deal with difficult customers

Dealing with customers who are non-communicative

Sometimes it so happens that the customers are completely non communicative. Language is not a problem here, the problem is distorted facts and figures or no facts at all. They have no idea about the technical details that might help them proceed with the case or have lost the facts that will steer the case forward. In these cases all you can do is buy more time from them to fish out as many details as you can on your own, from your own database or ask the customer to get the details which can help in the closure of the case. Communication is key when it comes to problem solving and if the facts and figures are not given correctly, it becomes very difficult to proceed with the case. Dealing with such people and cases can take a longer amount of time and might take more than one support call to solve and close the case. Hence it is of primary importance to ask these questions during the customer service training and learn to deal with such cases tactfully.


Dealing with customers who are at the edge

There are many customers who call the customer support service just to vent out their anger and dissatisfaction. It might not be personal but they might be completely disappointed with the product or service and might feel that shouting and venting out at the customer support staff is the only way to get rid of their anger and disappointment. This might be very disturbing to deal with on a day to day basis but that is the reality of this industry. Angry and difficult customers will be a part of your job and you will have to make sure that you deal with them tactfully.

Sometimes you just need to hear them out and act like a sponge absorbing all the tension and negativity. Other times a sorry might lift their spirits. If there is a way that you can genuinely help an angry or a terribly upset customer, you need to fish out the facts and details in the midst of all the rage and venting out. There might be times when the customer has just called to vent out and the only way to go through with it is to listen and be empathetic.


Dealing with a customer who is difficult to please

There are many customers who can be very difficult to please. Even companies like Zendesk face such issues. They might not be able to give you all the facts and figures pertaining to the case and might expect a 100% result out of it. These people are difficult to crack. In your customer service training they will tell you that patience is the best way to deal with such customers and that is perhaps the only way that you can get through such customers. You need to keep asking them the relevant questions to steer the case forward and document what is the kind of information that is missing from the customer’s side, so that it is all there on record and you are not blamed for not being able to steer the case forward. However difficult the customer or the case is, your attempt should be to help as much as you can and take it forward with earnest and sincere effort.

Thus these are some of the kind of customers that you might face on a regular basis in a customer support job. It is a difficult place to be in sometimes and no one can undermine the role of customer support training. The more your train the better you will be at your job. It will give you the essential tools to deal with all kinds of cases and all kinds of people who will pose a challenge at every step of the way.

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