How to choose Holiday business gifts for your clients

As the holidays approach, you want to show your
clients how much you appreciate their business. Your first order of business is
to find out if your clients are allowed to accept gifts from vendors. Most
companies allow it, but some companies do not while other organizations put a
maximum dollar value on all gifts. Sometimes the simplest business gift ideas
can be extremely effective because your clients might not be expecting anything
more than a card. You should put your thinking cap on and try to determine
which types of gifts your clients would like best.

Simple Treats

In order to get your client an ideal gift for the holidays, you will want to find out some of their likes. You could give a gift based on your company or product, but that does not really give the holiday feel. If you have a client that is always nibbling on something, then try a simple treat gift such as Unicorn Popcorn. Simple but decorative treats are always fun holiday gifts that your client will appreciate.

A Desk Ornament

When giving professional gifts, it is possible to
stay work related and still give a great gift. For example, if you noticed that
your client has pictures propped up on their desk lamp, then a desk picture
holder would be a great gift. You could also get a small plant terrarium that
would not only give your client a desk decoration, but also a quick hobby to
help get their mind off of work.

Stress Relief Gifts

There is an entire industry dedicated to making
devices that reduce stress in a variety of ways. From the foam stress ball to
the finger spinner, there are plenty of products available that help people to
relieve anxiety. A stress relief gift can be especially appreciated if you
notice that your client does not have one, but yet they deal with a lot of

Restaurant Gift Cards

Before you give your clients gift cards, you
should see if your company has any policies about it. As long as it is
acceptable, then restaurant gift cards to nice restaurants make excellent
client gifts.

Technology Gifts

These days, it is very safe to give any of your
clients a gift based on technology, just as long as that gift is generalized
and not specific. For example, a technology charging station that allows your
client to charge several devices at the same time is a good gift. Trying to get
your client a specific video game or smartphone app is probably not going to
work out.

Gift Baskets

A gift basket is one of those thoughtful gifts
that can be customized to fit any client’s profile. If your company is looking
for a generic type of holiday gift to give to clients, you might want to
suggest making up gift baskets that contain either food items such as coffee
and chocolate, or essentials such as bath items.

Sports Gifts

For your higher profile clients, you should
consider tickets to local sporting events as holiday gifts. It would be nice if
you could give sports tickets to all of your clients, but that is financially
and logistically impossible. But for those clients who made sure that your
company was profitable, a couple of floor seats to watch the local professional
basketball team make great gifts.

Travel Related Gifts

Those clients who travel a lot are always
appreciative of gifts that can make their journeys easier. Organizational items
such as leather passport covers and leather carry-on bags are great gifts. Any
gift you can find that is going to make travel easier is going to be

Hardcover Books

If you have clients who love to read, then
consider hardcover books on topics your client will enjoy. Ever since reading
went digital, hardcover books have become desirable holiday gifts. You might
even notice your holiday gift has made it into your client’s personal
collection the next time you visit their office.

Virtual Reality Goggles

It sounds odd to suggest virtual reality goggles
as a corporate holiday gift, but these devices are becoming extremely popular
with all types of people. If your client has a smartphone, then they can load a
few apps on that phone and install it into a pair of virtual reality goggles.
You could be opening up a whole new world of entertainment for what could be an
appreciative client.

Holiday gifts for your clients can help to
strengthen your relationships and bring in more business. Be sure to check on
the policies that your company and your client has for giving gifts, and then
spend some time finding the perfect gift that your client will never forget.

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