How to choose a wedding ring?

The wedding alliance is the symbol of the couple’s commitment to life.

Destined to be preserved forever, the choice of an alliance meets more criteria than the choice of other jewels.

Historically, the alliance was a simple round-shaped ring that symbolized the union of two people. Nowadays, many couples want alliances that are both original and corresponding to their tastes, so the choice is more complex.

18k White gold diamond ring from vivalatina
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The choice of an alliance meets some basic criteria:

  • the shape of the ring of the alliance
  • the choice of the metal 
  • the choice of stones
  • the type of stone setting
  • customization in the form of engraving

Choose the shape of your ring

In the case of a completely personalized ring, you are free to choose the shape that suits you best.

But if you want to make your choice among the classic designs, here they are presented.

The ring of your covenant can be:

 a round wire

a half-ring, round on the outside and flat on the inside

a Parisian ring, round on the outside and slightly domed on the inside

a flat ribbon

a flat-sided D shape, flat inside with flat edges but bulging on the outside

This image summarizes the main types of rings most common.

Which metal to choose?

If historically alliances were in yellow gold, there are now many more material and color options for your wedding rings.

Yellow gold

The natural color of gold, the intensity of the yellow depends on the title of the gold you choose: 18, 14 or 9 karats. The less gold there is in the alloy of your alliance, the more pale yellow it will be.

Recall that 9-karat gold is a percentage of only 37.5% gold in the metal of the alliance.

Wedding ring with names and diamonds

Pink gold

The pink gold is obtained by mixing copper with yellow gold and according to the alloy composed by your jeweler, the gold will be slightly pink or will draw frankly on the red.

The pink gold is colored in the mass since it draws its color from the composition of the alloy, so just like the yellow gold, it ages very well.

Laurel wedding ring

White gold

White gold is by far the most requested gold alloy for wedding rings. There are many different methods to obtain white gold.

White gold obtained by plating rhodium on white gold. Because the gold alloy is not a pronounced white, it is covered with a layer of rhodium that will give it its so white appearance.

Rhodium-plated white gold is sensitive to friction and wear, so it needs to be maintained by regular rhodium-plating every two years or so.

Palladium white gold is an alloy of gold and palladium giving a white color to gold. So it is not necessary to rhodium plated.

Because palladium white gold is white, it is stained in the mass and therefore ages much better than rhodium white gold

Two white gold wedding ring with differents details


Platinum is a precious white metal that is prized in jewelry. It is a very good alternative to white gold.

Although the price of platinum is generally lower than that of gold, its implementation is more complex so that platinum jewelry is more expensive than gold jewelry.

Platinum rings are sold with a titer of 950, or 95% of the alloy is platinum.

Which stone on your ring?

The choice of a stone responds on the one hand to the tastes and the use that will be made of the alliance.

If you consider your wedding ring as a jewel that you will use every day, then perhaps you should avoid getting a stone or a small one that will not be in the clothes.

The fashion of the diamond dates from the 30s. Before this period the diamond was not an imperative like today.

Opal wedding ring with diamond

The diamond has the advantage of lasting very well in time if it does not receive blows. Being the hardest of all stones, it will never scratch, however you have to pay attention to shocks that can fracture your diamond.

Choosing a good crimp will ensure you do not lose it.

Different kinds of setting for your wedding ring stone 

If you have chosen an alliance with a stone, the type of crimp of it will influence the style of your ring.

There are different types of crimps that offer either brightness or security to maintain your stone.

Diffrend kinds of stone setting used in jewelry

The crimped claw ensures a brightness unequaled to your stone. You can choose a set of 5 or 6 claws to limit the risk of losing your stone if a claw breaks.

The closed setting encloses the stone totally in the metal of your alliance. The stone is properly held in place.

The paved set is a variant of the set grain, it raises a grain of material support that is folded over the stone to crimp.

The seam rail consists of threading a series of stone into a rail and bending the metal edges to hold them in place.

Engraving your wedding ring

Engraving his wedding rings is certainly the cheapest way to personalize them.

If the space is limited it will be necessary to be concise in the choice of the words.

If traditionally we can choose to engrave the wedding date and its names or initials, we can also prefer to engrave a short sentence that makes sense for the bride and groom.

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