How to achieve that high style beauty look

When looking to achieve that high style look in every aspect, there is nobody better to turn to but supermodels that have strut down the runways. The artistry and work that goes into getting them ready for the spotlight does take some time, but if you want to look like a model, you’re going to have to put the work in. The prestigious makeup artists who work alongside designers in order to create these looks are the same people who dictate and set trends. This only goes to show that these are the people who we should be keeping an eye on, whose advice we should follow and finally, whose creations we should emulate. So, without further ado, we present to you the most glamorous, yet achievable looks. We have handpicked the best of hair, makeup, skincare and gorgeous smile tips, so you’re completely covered in the ‘elevated’ beauty department. Let’s do this.

Learning from the best

Photo by Igor Rand on Unsplash

When looking for those show-stopping, almost editorial makeup looks that you can rock on special and formal occasions, or simply when you’re feeling like glamming up for no particular reason, there is absolutely no better place to look for inspiration than couture shows. This is where the A+ game is brought, and not only in the divine dresses and other ethereal creations. The two looks that we have gone completely crazy about are truly extraordinary. The first features a warm coppery smoky eye topped off with a bold shiny red lip. This only goes to prove that a true couture look doesn’t force you to choose to emphasize just eyes or just lips – you can have it all. The second one is just as dazzling, featuring Twiggy-type lashes and nude lips. These eyes speak for themselves, so the neutral lip is completely called for. If you scroll further, you will see feathery lashes, but those are a tad much for a regular person, so these two aforementioned looks will certainly suffice.


That skin though

Looking at the photos from both couture shows as well as some of the best looks from the spring 2019, it seems that the emphasis on clean and radiant skin has never been stronger. Whether the models were wearing foundation or were sent down the runway completely fresh-faced, as was the case in the Stella McCartney show, they looked absolutely stunning. Reportedly, for this particular show, only Tata Harper skincare products were put to use, and models took a turn on the catwalk with their natural radiant faces. Hence, you know what to do. On no-makeup days, and in general for that matter, pay great attention to your skincare routine. Invest in the best products money can buy and that work for your skin type. That way, you will have nothing to hide, and you can simply roll out of bed and look like royalty.


The one that opens all doors

Photo by Igor Rand on Unsplash

They say a smile goes a long way, and the one thing every model, as well as fashionistas and celebs for that matter, do their best to keep their choppers pearly white so they can dazzle with their ultimate weapon – that disarming smile. Hence, if you have any issues in that department, pay a visit to the best cosmetic dentist and first have the health of your teeth and gums assessed. After that, your dentist will provide solutions that will give you that million dollar smile. The truth is, we can wear the most expensive makeup, invest in the best skincare, but if our smile leaves something to be desired, it ruins the entire look. It is the most powerful beauty tool, so make sure you take the best care of it.


Hairstyle galore

Two types of hairstyles were the absolute rage on spring 2019 runways. The first one is simple – shiny clean hair that’s just let down. It has probably been styled to death, so if you have hard-to-tame hair, you will have to resort to both the best haircare products that will give you that silky straight hair look as well as some tools such as hair straighteners. With the right heat protection products, your precious locks won’t suffer and you will have achieved that effortless Emily Ratajkowski runway look. Now, if this has been your everyday look anyway, and you’re scouting for something new, the semi-messy slicked back, kind of wet summer-ish look might just be your cup of tea. This hairstyle is ultra-chic, incredibly fash, and when your hair is pushed back in this semi-voluminous way, it allows your face to shine in all its glory, which is always a plus.

You wanted the crème de la crème – here it is, fresh off the runways, both literally and figuratively. The best part of it all is that a high style look has never been easier to achieve, especially in the light of the fact that natural hair and no-makeup skin are the most coveted looks of the season.

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