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How Stress Can Affect Your Mouth

Don’t you take stress seriously? Really? Wake up then and smell the coffee, today itself…

Because you’re ignoring something that is extremely bad for the body with the potential to cause serious health problems. And if left unchecked, it could even lead to high blood pressure, heart disease and obesity.

Worse still, stress not only takes a toll on the mental and physical health but can also damage your mouth as well! Studies have confirmed how serious oral issues may strike people who lead a stressful life.

So, stop living under constant stress to save harms to your teeth, gums, and mouth. Feel relaxed, cheer up always and don’t fret, as this is how you can stay on top of your dental health.

Here are ways in which stress can affect your mouth –

1. Teeth Grinding & Clenching

Do you grind your teeth or clench your jaw? If yes, don’t fear, as you’re not alone. Both the problems are quite common, but there is however only one worry – most people plagued with this issue are not actually aware of it! Because, teeth grinding happens mostly when we sleep, and we clinch the jaw unknowingly during the day.

Stress is the reason behind both these issues which show how leading an anxiety-laden life could push us to such an extent without your knowledge. Although teeth grinding & clenching carry risks of enamel erosion and extreme form of teeth sensitivity, they are nonetheless entirely treatable at a dentist.

2. TMJ Disorders

TMJ or the temporomandibular joint is a group of muscles responsible for the smooth functioning of the neck and jaw. Stress, however, can cause these muscles to tighten which impacts their efficacy. This can easily force one to face difficulty in opening and closing their mouth.

Worse still, it might also cause pain in eating and there might also be soreness around the neck. With TMJ disorders, your jaw suffers, and it may not function optimally with even a clicking sound coming from it often. The good thing however is, regular jaw exercises or a mouth guard can help treat such disorders easily.

3. Cold Sores

Fever blisters or cold sores can happen to anyone leading under a lot of stress and anxiety on a continuing basis. The herpes simplex virus is responsible for these sores which can come up around the nose, lips or chin.

Cold sores often go away on own in a week or so, as the virus loses their potency by that time. Even if the issue persists, there are prescription drugs for help; plus, there is always the doctor to consult if nothing works.

4. Canker Sores

A lot can go wrong when you’re stressful on a regular basis or when your immunity is low. You could even get little spots inside your mouth, purely for the stress you are accumulating. In most cases, these sores go away in a day or two and you return back to be normal.

And if they don’t, consult the doctor to avoid further aggravating the problem. In general, such sores have reddish sides and tend to be harmful; but they can make eating or drinking tough sometimes. So, be on the safe side and visit the expert.

5. Nail Biting

Stress may be responsible for your nail-biting habit. Quit it else its implications on your oral health could be deep. Your teeth could lose their natural alignment, there might be a risk of enamel erosion and in extreme cases, you may be at risk for tooth decay.

Apart from tooth damage, the germs of your nails could enter the mouth and cause infection. Likewise, nail-biting might let warts, virus, and bacteria enter into the mouth and cause harm.

6. Gum Disease

With stress comes the risk of gum disease. The more you feel stressed, the greater will be harm to the gums. Even studies have confirmed some relation between emotions and gum issues. So, if you want to keep your gums healthy, cheer up a bit and say goodbye to anxiety.

And it’s important to increase oral care or consult the dentist nearby regularly to stay on top of your dental health. All this will definitely help you minimize any risk of gum disease for sure. So, your teeth and gums will always be as healthy as you wish them to be.

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