Interview with entrepreneur and sales funnel queen Jane Copeland.


Jane Copeland is an Australian entrepreneur and head of The Business Made Beautiful Academy, a global online business & Marketing school. She is also a digital marketing authority, publisher of an award winning blog and author of the book “Boardroom to Baby”.

I first came to know Jane via her blog, Since then,  Jane’s obsession with internet marketing and her teachings, have helped many people across the globe to stand out from the crowd and build high-growth businesses while still having a life.

Building a successful business, while balancing her relationships and enjoying life is something we all strive for, so it’s a fitting Jane is our first interview for our How She Did It feature interview series. 

Jane I love reading about your story. Corporate high-flier leaves full time job on maternity leave with the aim to come back 5 months later. It was during this time, you came up with your blog, What did the first version of this blog look like? What were you blogging about?

I set up my blog initially to be a premium online magazine for women to give a space and a voice to discuss topics which mattered to them. It had a slant towards with babies and young children – a lot of the earlier content had articles on related topics like breastfeeding, relationships, balancing work with family etc.

How did you build this blog?

There were several things I did that enabled my blog and also my personal brand to grow very quickly.

Initially my blog stood out because I went “big” with the design and layout. It wasn’t just a blog, it was a stunning, edgy online magazine. At the time it was new and fresh and looked “better” than a lot of the other blogs that were out there.

Secondly I had well known writers and celebrities as contributors. So they would write an article and then share it with their network via Twitter and Facebook. This drove traffic to my blog.

As well I learnt how to write compelling headlines and used twitter (and those headlines) to drive traffic to my blog. I was good at doing the whole “link bait”.

Finally, I wrote a book which ended up getting me a lot of press which also drove traffic to my blog.

What different things did you try to monetise the blog? What worked in the end?

I was on maternity leave and I wanted to start a business. The problem was, I had no idea what! But I new I had to move forward and decided to play to my strengths which was writing and branding, so I started my blog.

Initially I had absolutely no idea how I was going to turn my blog into a business. The first thing I did to monetise was to sell advertising space. I hardly made any money though. I think I was making $250 a month.

I didn’t know what to do so I actually started working with a business coach who said you should be a blog coach. She gave me to name “The Fairy Blogmother”. So I did!

It was funny because people were asking me all the time how to start and grow a blog but I didn’t put two and two together that it could actually be a business. It took an outsider looking in and suggesting it for it to click. So I started consulting and coaching and that’s how I monetised.

Jane tried various ways to monetise her blog, including advertising, but found her nice consulting and coaching ultimately brought her the traffic

How active are you on the blog these days? Is it still a big focus?

Yes and no. Sharing useful content is still a focus but that content is delivered inside various sales funnels I have going (and also across Instagram and my YouTube channel).

My blog is still my shop front but people’s attention has moved away from blogs and websites to social media platforms.

Obviously the success of this blog encouraged women to make contact as they wanted to build a similar lifestyle to you, what was your first product for this?

Web Celeb Formula

Since then you’ve grown into quite an extensive offering, from free trainings to books to mastermind coaching, can you walk us through what you currently have on offer for women in business?

My speciality is helping women create high-growth businesses using online marketing.

My core offering is my 6 month mastermind called, Business Made Beautiful.  It also provides a certification in Business and Online Marketing.


How would you describe a sales funnel and why is it so important in business?

A sales funnel is simply a process to find new prospects and turn them into paying customers.

I know you love automation and sales funnels, what are your top tools for automation right now?

I’ll start by saying that conversions (i.e. sales) happen in “conversations”. So with any automation or sales funnels, this still has to happen, usually at the end of the process.

Tools for sales funnels and automation that I’m loving right now are…

Facebook and Instagram advertising, automated webinars, Front App, Drip

What advice do you have for a business owner just starting out with their first funnel?

Get it up and running as soon as possible.

How do you manage the day to day administration side of things, do you have help (ie VAs etc)

Yes I have a decent amount of support. I work with several subcontractors on an almost permanent basis. I have a techie VA, graphic designer, FB ads person on my team. I rarely do any admin myself – I focus on strategy, content and working with clients.

How do you manage your work day so you still enjoy time with your son, your partner, your girlfriends?

I love this question! These days I have a lot of free time – I’m currently averaging between 2 -3 hours of work each day. I have freedom and flexibility to work when, how and where I want.

My son, partner, girlfriends, my parents, plus my health and wellbeing AND other projects like the house I’m building are all things I prioritise and fit in easily along with running my business.  

I should mention that for many years I was a slave to my business. I worked 7 days a week around the clock and didn’t sleep much. However over the years I’ve scaled my business in a way where I’ve developed systems and strategies that allows me to have a life while my business is runs without me. I share this knowledge with my students so they don’t have to struggle and work like a machine like I did 🙂

What’s your favourite way to unwind?

I currently do women’s Muay Thai and I’m also trying to do more yoga and mediation. I also love music so you’ll often find me putting playlists together or dancing in my office listing to my tunes.

Where’s your next holiday?

I will probably go on a few girls weekends away and possibly skiing in Australia somewhere… my next big holidays will be skiing in Vail Colorado in January followed by Ibiza in August.

So a few books under your belt now, including Boardroom to Baby, any more books on the horizon?

What is Next Top Coach?? (LOVE THE NAME!)

The Next Top Coach System™ is the system I’ve developed and teach to my students to help them start and grow their business faster than most. It’s a unique method that is made up of 6 shortcuts which provides a clear path to reach specific income levels. This content also forms the Business Made Beautiful Certification in Marketing & Business.

If anyone would love your help to grow their business, what’s the best way to do this?

They should book a call with my team to learn more. Here’s the link.

Find out more about Jane’s current courses and masterminds:

Discover the One Sales Funnel Model ™ and how Jane went from mummy blogger to millionaire 

Business Made Beautiful Mastermind

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