Short Delivery Times

How Reliable Businesses Ensure Short Delivery Times

In the age of modern technology, increasingly busy lives and instant gratification, customers want projects completed and responses are given as soon as possible. Every business wants to be seen as providing fast, reliable and quality service. However, this can be easier said than done. Here are some ways that reliable businesses ensure short delivery times to their customers.


They Adopt New Technology

Technology has made delivery times undeniably faster and more accurate for companies and customers alike. This is true whether it involves GPS tracking of commercial deliveries or an online portal where customers can receive documents and make payments. Newer technology, especially cloud technology, can increase productivity at businesses which allows them to provide faster delivery times of projects of all kinds.


They Have a Policy

Companies ensure short delivery times by having a policy in place beforehand. For example, your company may have a written response policy that all e-mails and phone calls must be returned within 24 hours. You may offer free shipping if the purchase amount is over a certain limit. Having a policy in place lets customers know what to expect and gives your employees important guidelines to follow. Having and adhering to a policy like this helps strengthen the perception of reliability in your company’s brand.


They Employ Reliable Commercial Trucking Fleets

The importance of commercial trucking for businesses of all sizes cannot be overstated. A quality trucking company will transport your goods so they are delivered to your customers on time. Ensure that any commercial fleet you own or contract with performs a timely commercial fleet repair. If they maintain their trucks well, incidents, breakdowns, and missed deliveries will be less likely to happen.


They Accurately Estimate Completion Time

Overestimating delivery times can leave customers pleased when they get their product delivered or their service completed early. However, it can also lead to the temptation to stretch out the work. Be realistic in your estimates—giving a range may be the better way to go. Delivery on time is simply the best way to keep customers satisfied without putting in the extra time and effort to over deliver, which does not have as great an effect as you might believe.

As customers come to expect short delivery times, companies should make an effort to meet that demand. Doing so will help build your brand and reputation for reliability, which leads to customer trust and retention. Ultimately, maintaining short delivery times will help grow your business, and it’s easier to do that now than ever before.

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