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How Often Should You Post on Each Social Media Platform?

Social media is an essential part of successful online marketing. Many marketers publish multiple posts per day across the top networks. However, is it possible for there to be too much of a good thing?

The answer is that it depends on the network. With all social media accounts, your content is stacked in reverse chronological order, with the most recent at the top and older posts under it. When your followers come online, they will often see only the most recent post, not anything that was published earlier in the day. This means a poor-performing or average post can replace a really good post with lots of engagement.

Over time, of course, all of your posts (including your best ones) will no longer be readily visible. Yet your audience should be growing, with the many new people following you highly likely to be interested in your best content. Look at your metrics and save and reuse your best posts.


The Top Social Sites

The rules are a little different for each of the top social sites:

* Facebook
* Twitter
* Google+
* LinkedIn
* Pinterest
* Instagram

Let’s look at each of these in turn.



Post once a day only. Twice is too much and will push down your best content.



Twitter is considered “newsy,” and the posts are short. In this case, according to the research, you can tweet 1 to 51 times per day, with 15 appearing to be the optimal number. Of course, only tweet if you have something to tweet about.

These are a lot of tweets to issue, so use a scheduler like to help you pick the best times to publish and queue up your content every day. Its free level of service will let you put up to ten posts in a queue for one social media account. The paid levels of service will allow many more social accounts for you to link to in the one interface, and unlimited posts in your queues, which can all be set to optimal posting times.



Google+ is a highly visual site and is very popular with photographers and cooks. The levels of posting per day range from 0 to 3, with 2 the optimal per day, provided it is high-quality content. The weekly suggested activity level is 3 to 10 posts in all. Create a mix of original content and curated content you have shared from other similar sites to your own.



LinkedIn frequency is ideally once a day on weekdays. More than that seems to get you penalized for publishing too much content in the news feed. A couple of ways to add content are to publish articles at the site, and your PowerPoint presentations through their sister site These two types of content tend to get promoted more by LinkedIn than regular posts, meaning a steady stream of traffic to your profile.



Pinterest ideal activity levels run from a low of 3 per day to a high of 30, with 11 the best number of pins per day. Pinterest is a must for your business if you want to attract a female audience — around 90% of site users are women. And around 50% shop for an item they see pinned. Recent studies have also shown that pins tend to stick around and get shared 7 times longer than Facebook posts, meaning a lot more engagement and promotional traction.


The range for Instagram is 1 to 3 posts per day, with 1 to 2 posts your best options. Note that Instagram is different from the other sites in a number of ways. The new content will all be saved and then shown when the person logs on, so anything you publish between their log-in sessions will be shown the next time they log in, meaning there is less risk of pushing down your best posts to the point where they will never be seen. Images should be high-quality and 520 X 520 pixels. Use keywords and hashtags to help your content get found and shared.

Use these tips to keep in touch with your followers and making sure that they see your best content.

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