How having more fun can equal greater business success!

It’s funny how as Entrepreneurs, we end up working far harder, and for many more hours, than the 9 – 5 jobs we’ve managed to escape from.

Particularly when ‘freedom’ and ‘flexibility’ are high on our list of priorities and is often the main reason we leave the corporate lifestyle.

Yet there is something really important I’ve discovered lately as a maxed-out business owner – and that is the importance of taking time out to have fun!

It’s such a simple thing. Yet so tricky to prioritise a lot of the time.

When we’re juggling landing pages, sales copy, marketing funnels, client work, and a mass of emails and phone calls – it can be really hard to walk away from it all. Even if it’s just for a couple of hours.

However! The fundamental strengths that business owners require – with any type of business – is creativity and the ability to problem solve.

And if we work ourselves into the ground – these two essential capacities start decreasing – rapidly.

Stress, overwhelm, exhaustion and fatigue is the biggest enemy for us business owners.

It’s stops us from being able to think, listen to our intuition, solve problems and limits our creative power.

Simply getting ‘stuck’ on a problem for a couple of days might be a sure-fire indicator that you need to decrease your stress levels and increase your fun!

Because when we FEEL good – we can think more clearly and life (and business) tends to flow much more easily.

But it’s not only that.

Sometimes – going out and doing something really wacky, crazy or different to what you’d normally do – and stretching yourself outside of your comfort zone within a leisure activity – can actually help break down those barriers and blocks in our personal development which prevents us from achieving success in our business.

And often – it’s when you step well away from the computer screen and indulge in some light-hearted fun – that your biggest and best ideas will simply come to you. All of a sudden – that blinding vision that appears before you – is the answer you’ve been searching for all along.

My husband and I learnt this very valuable lesson, several weeks ago. The stress and busyness of our business and family life had gotten a little much. So despite the slight chaos around us – we took a day off. We took our two young kids to the beach. And we relaxed.

But most importantly – we had fun! Our kids were the happiest I’ve seen them in a long time. They swam and explored rock pools. We ate ice cream, walked in the fresh air and got silly.

And we returned refreshed and ready to go again.

So today I’d like to challenge you! Take it as an experiment, if nothing else.

What can you do to MAKE time for fun?

Where do you want to go that’s different?

How could you stretch yourself physically or mentally?

How crazy will you be?

And how successful could your business become because of it?

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