How great content can increase closing rates & decrease sales cycles

Companies are not leaving any leaf unturned to catch up pace and make a successful sale in the current highly competitive market.  They are being proactive and taking various initiatives so as to make their Sales Process efficient and effective. They are embracing technology by implementing various software such as Sales CRM that can invigorate their otherwise exhaustive and lengthy Sales Cycle.  CRM is a Customer Relationship Management Software which has the ability to let business manage its various set of applications which it uses to track and analyze customer data.  

With the help of same CRM, they are able to analyze the Sales Funnel, the process which begins from the time customer has the awareness of the product and ends once the customer makes the purchase of the product.  In their continuous effort to acquire new customers, companies rely heavily on their content. Long ago, traditional marketing methods involved celebrities holding the product and appearing on television commercials.  However, with the advent of the internet, content has taken over the lead over television ads. The success of web content can be attributed to multiple reasons.

Web content not as pricey as TV commercials:  Web content is very cost effective when compared to TV commercial.  As of 2016, a 30-second ad that was broadcasted nationally was around the average rate of $123000 in the US.  This cost does not take into account, the expenses that go in making the commercial. On the other hand, the cost that goes into creating a solid piece of content, taking into account graphics and research does not exceed $4000.  Further, research shows that content marketing is 32% less costly than traditional marketing and it also has the ability to generate 3 times more leads.

Tailored marketing: Unlike television commercials, web content is tailored based on a lot of research carried out by the company’s marketing team.  It draws customer’s attention. A TV commercial is pushing the product or influencing the buying decision of a customer through a celebrity or someone equivalent.  However, web content is a channel which doesn’t push a product to the customer. Instead, it draws the attention of the customer.

How web content works in driving sales?

Basis of web content:  It takes a lot of time and effort to build relationship with customers.  When a customer decides to purchase a product, he is actually making an investment on a product assuming that it will address his pain points.  Content is prepared on the basis of a thorough research done by the company analyzing the market, customer needs etc. When the content is able to influence the buyer’s decision highlighting his needs and how the company’s product will address his needs, customer might get motivated in maintaining a relationship with the company.   

Dynamic medium:  The needs of customer are not constant. Web content changes as per the needs of the customer.  As mentioned earlier, web content highlights the needs of the customer and when the needs of the customer change, so does the content.  Quality and consistency are pivotal in the web medium. By way of keeping the content fresh and highlighting the true needs of customer, companies can maintain a long term relationship with the customers.  

Key to increase sales and conversions:  Based on a study by Aberdeen, an international market intelligence company, conversion rates with content marketing are 6 times higher for adopters than non-adopters of content marketing.  Web content is a powerful medium to convert viewers into leads and turning leads into customers. The persuasive nature of the content can have a high impact influence on the buying decision of the customer.  

Creating and raising brand awareness:  Companies would want to utilize all the various medium available at its disposable to create and raise brand awareness among customers.  Web medium is one of the cost effective yet high impact mediums which companies can use to create and raise the brand awareness in customer.  Based on a research, an average American sees more than 4000 ads per day. This gives more than enough reason for companies to connect with the user through web medium.  Unless, companies remind the customer about their existence, their product may not be part of the first stage of Sales Funnel.

Web content creates traffic and generates leads:  Companies that have a regular and frequent dialogue with customers through blogs are able to attract 40 percent more traffic than those companies that maintain only a website.  Linking posts to various sections of the websites is an easy way to direct customers to websites. Sale or not, this approach will definitely increase the count of warm leads. Putting these leads in the sales cycle and closing the deal not only increases the closing rates but also decreases the otherwise stretched and lengthy sales cycle.  

Content from user:  User-generated content such as product reviews, pictures and video interviews can benefit the company in multiple ways.  Customer’s pay heeds to fellow customers and it has more value when compared to what the company has to say about its products.  Research has shown that revenue increases by an average of 30 per cent via customer reviews. Further, companies also have the advantage of saving cost that goes into developing content.  

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