How Does Influencer Marketing Help Increase Brand Exposure?

Did you know that Airbnb today is already a $31 billion company? Once upon a time, they were just a startup that struggled to get funding. What was their secret sauce? Influencer marketing.

It all started when Mariah Carey rented an Airbnb property in Israel. It was Airbnb’s first celebrity booking, and they gave Mariah the reservation for the property for free in return for a post about her stay in the property.

Since then, Airbnb has bet heavily on celebrities and influencers to create buzz for them on social media. The bet has paid off. Today, Airbnb has disrupted the hospitality industry and is giving chains of hotels a run for their money.

People love to follow people they love on social media. Influencers may not be your typical celebrities, but they are loved by their followers for having authentic voices. Brands know this fact, and they are always on the lookout for the right influencers who can give their brands optimum visibility.

There are several influencer marketing hacks that brands can use to increase brand exposure. Let’s take a look at them.


#1. Promote an Event

Your brand can use influencers to promote an event. It will give good exposure to your brand as the followers trust the influencers and your messages will be amplified through them. When you partner with an influencer to promote an event, you can take advantage of the clout of the influencer. Before the event, you can convey your expectations to the influencer and have a content strategy in place.



A fashion carnival was put together by Tommy Hilfiger by collaborating with model Gigi Hadid to promote his special #TOMMYXGIGI collection. The event was promoted on social media using the hashtags #TOMMYXGIGI and #TOMMYNOW. The posts generated a lot of hype, and Tommy Hilfiger was able to generate impressive revenue by selling the clothes from the collection promoted on social media.


#2. Leverage Sponsored Blog Posts

You can do a little research to find influencers who may be interested in blogging about your products or services. You have to be sure the bloggers are a good brand fit. You can then start negotiating with them and find out if they would be interested in blogging about your product or service. Nothing of value is free so you will probably need to compensate them with money or provide them free samples or experiences for them to write about.

Elin King

Elin Kling is a very popular Swedish fashion blogger. She has a large number of followers on social media. H&M, the Swedish multinational retail clothing company collaborated with her to reach her followers. The collaboration was successful, and Kling blogged about the new collections.  


#3. Run Competition Campaigns

Competition campaigns can really help build brand awareness. You can create buzz around your brand by holding a competition that gives people the opportunity to win something valuable. These campaigns can fit all kinds of small and big businesses as the cost of conducting a competition is not much.

This type of campaign can help you bring a new product to the market or introduce an old product to a new market. You can have a photography campaign, a short video campaign, a create-a-tagline campaign, a drawing or painting campaign, or more depending on your brand and the products or services you offer.

Pottery Barm

Pottery Barn, for instance, partnered with influencer Holly Becker, the woman behind Decor8. She wrote a detailed blog post with eye-catching images that highlighted items from the store. And she hosted a giveaway in which readers had a chance to win a $500 gift card from Pottery Barn.


#4. Work with Local Influencers

Influencers influence the purchase decisions of their followers. If your brand is local, it would be a wise move for you to find local influencers and collaborate with them. Local influencers can certainly impact local followers more with their posts. Most local businesses need locals to know about them

You can use the location filter on Grin to discover highly relevant influencers who have a voice and authority in the location you’re targeting.



A London-based pizzeria “Pizza Pilgrims” wanted to create brand awareness locally around their shop. They collaborated with local food bloggers and other influencers on social media to document their journey to Italy to bring the best flavors of pizza to London. They created  YouTube videos and their fans lapped it up. Foot traffic increased impressively as more locals started learning about these two brothers because of the online influencers.  


#5. Encourage Influencer Takeovers

A takeover involves an influencer taking over one or more social media accounts of your brand for a specific duration to create excitement and draw in a new audience.

The influencer creates and posts content that aligns with the marketing goals of your brand, which may be to increase brand awareness. Takeovers work very well because once the account gets taken over by a guest, the guest draws in new followers for the brand from among their existing follower base. Plus, the guest adds value to the host’s social media profile with their posts.

Kuno Creative

Kuno Creative, an inbound marketing agency lets their employees take over the company’s Instagram account sometimes. They want to increase activity on their Instagram account and create brand awareness. Their employees post engaging visuals and help keep the company at the top of the audience’s minds.



Brands are getting good returns from their marketing strategies involving influencer marketing. Influencers shape the opinions of their followers and are trusted by their followers. If the influencers talk about a brand on their social media feed, it immediately catches the attention of their followers. This helps create buzz for the brand.

The world is on social media, and it pays for brands to be on social media too. However, brands need to have the right strategies in place when collaborating with influencers. They can strategize around events, competition campaigns, takeover campaigns, pay for sponsored blog posts, and more for brand exposure, as discussed above.

If you have any other tips on building an influencer marketing strategy to increase brand exposure, please let us know in the comments below.   

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