Instagram Videos

How do you make the most out of Instagram videos for your brand?

When it comes to Instagram videos, they have the potential
to boost your social media marketing efforts and establish your business in the
minds of your customers. Based on the latest studies, video posts have the best
return on investment, according to 52 percent marketers. Videos are one of the
best ways to promote your business and win the trust and confidence of your
customers. Of late, more online users are hooked to videos on their smartphones
and tablets. Therefore, you should walk the extra mile to create quality video
content on Instagram and beat your competitors. Therefore, if you are wondering
how to create engaging videos that resonate with your targeted customers, here
are a few tips to get you going:

Post Limited-period Offers

Did you know that about more than 250 million people see
Instagram Stories daily? That is because such content has a lifespan of 24
hours, thus creating a sense of exigency. Therefore, use Instagram Stories
video to market your business and products. Tap into your customer’s love for
discounts and deals. Include a video with a limited period offer. Post randomly
that will highlight your offer, thus keeping your audience guessing. Create the
offer to inform your customers that it could be redeemed within 24 hours.
Interested buyers will come back to your video to grab one such deal within the

Highlight Your Merchandise
in Action

Are you launching a new product? If yes, give your audience
a sneak peek of your merchandise. The strategy will work for you, as the visual
will pique your audience interest more than a bland product specification page.
When you develop a video, let your audience get a feel of the item, how it looks
like and any prominent features the merchandise offers to make a buyer’s life
simpler. Create videos that are more about real, in-the-moment communication.
Ensure that your Instagram Stories video is not scripted. It should be the impromptu
demonstration of your merchandise in use. Besides, if you want to learn more
about boosting your Instagram likes for videos, you can look for sites such as or similar platforms.

Use Subtitles and Copy to
Tell Your Brand Story

You will find users who do not get an opportunity to put the
volume on when watching Instagram videos. That is because they may be at work.
Therefore, if your brand videos fail to explain what you want to say with the
sound button muted, viewers will not show much interest and stop watching your
video. Therefore, use copy, subtitles, and text overlay in your videos to help
people get the substance of your brand message. Including subtitles throughout
the visual will let users understand the video narrative. However, use crisp text
overlay and copy. They should inform only that much to the viewers as


Though there is no one solution to create perfect Instagram videos, you can use the tips mentioned to show interesting content to your targeted audience. Try these tactics, and they will work for your brand.

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