How Cryptocurrencies Gain Strength through Digital Marketing

Over the last couple of years, one of the biggest topics in the finance industry is cryptocurrencies. The impact of this new way of trading has been leaving visible trails on different sectors of the world economy. The cryptocurrencies have been growing, both in value and popularity, it is even predicted that it will have the power to change forever on how we look at both digital marketing and finance.

One of the most widely known cryptocurrency is bitcoin. This virtual cash is based on blockchain technology, which ensures that all your online transactions and payments are not tied to any regulatory institution or country. This is where digital marketing steps in and took the opportunity to use cryptocurrency for a safer purchase.

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Targeting Audience

The technology that stands behind blockchain-based protocols changed the way of how ads are purchased online, how they are measured, even delivered and valued. One of the things with digital marketing is that it is almost impossible to be sure that the stats you’ve got are accurate. If we are counting the clicks to our website, are we really counting the number of customers?

Without complete and timely consumer data, it is very hard to create a good target for your digital marketing strategies. In the past, advertisers were collecting information about their customer by using several tools, which gave them only partial data, such as age and sex, the salary or their dining preference. This was a problem that all marketers were aware of, which lead them to blockchain technology and digital cash as its solution.

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Due to transparency and encrypted technology, every company can easily see if their ads are viewed by the targeted audience. This way, they can save lots of money spend on ads, and build an accurate customer profile given by the customer himself. This allows for even better customer targeting, while at the same time enhancing the possibility to reach those customers who are most like to buy their product.


Building a Brand With a Blockchain

Blockchain digital ledger system is becoming more and more worldwide known for allowing the tamper-proof transparency of every product in the market. This means that buyers can easily check if the product is legit, which puts a lot of power into the hands of the customer. This way, companies are building their customers’ trust by offering them the safest and the most secure way to purchase.


Cryptocurrency Based Affiliate Marketing

Nowadays, there are many affiliate programs on popular exchange platforms like Kucoin, Binance, Coinbase or Luno. Many social media influences, bloggers, and vloggers saw the opportunity to use these platforms as a way of earning money. You can easily send your link across various digital channels at the same time, and you will get paid every time someone uses your link to make a purchase.

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Cryptocurrency Freelancing Platforms

There are over 2.2 billion people with access to the Internet or mobile phones who can not access the traditional way of exchange. These people are primed for the cryptocurrency market. There is an enormous number of freelance websites, where individuals can find jobs in different areas of expertise, such as digital marketing, content writing, coding, graphic design and more. Some of these platforms use cryptocurrency are their means of payment.

Some of you may remember, but when bitcoin started, it was worth only a couple of cents, only later on to become a powerful and solid payment method. There is a huge number of cryptocurrencies in the world, and bitcoin is just one of them. The power of this virtual cash is constantly growing and spreading through various segments of our daily lives. Many online use cryptocurrencies as their most popular payment method in the online gambling industry.

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Due to decentralization, where exchanges are made without boundaries, and everything is perfectly transparent, blockchain technology is definitely something that will change even more the world as we know it. Nowadays, cryptocurrency gains value even before it becomes available for people to trade and market with it.

Cryptocurrency’s role in the future of digital marketing is still unpredictable, but we can say with certainty that there are more and more crypto-minded advertisers out there.

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