How Back Pain Can Affect Your Life Quality

Back pain is a common yet complex condition that affects many individuals from young adults to elders. It can be caused by a number of factors ranging from posture to health conditions. Back pain can become chronic and noticeably annoying that can affect not only your mood but also your life as a whole.

The back part of your body is composed of various parts that each have their own functions, but the most identified is the spinal column. As you know, a healthy and sturdy spine is requisite to have good physical posture and overall health. Back pains may originate from the spine and radiate in the back area.

Regular back pains can bring negative implications to your mood, emotions, and health. As common as it may be, it can affect the quality of your life as a whole.


1. Affects sleep

Sleep is the most comfortable state our body can be in. Lying down, closing your eyes and getting a quick nap or even dozing off for a few hours will renew your energy. Sleep is your body’s first response when feeling tired. Even when you are not tired or sleepy, sleep can be a welcome rest to the body. While you sleep, your body builds up more energy for when you wake up.

That being said feeling the slightest tingle of pain can disturb your rest and may even prevent sleep. When you have back pain, it will make you feel uncomfortable or make you shift into sleeping positions that you are not comfortable with, preventing relaxation and cause further bodily pains.


2. Decreases the ability to exercise

Common causes of back pain are muscle and ligament strains that when stretched or twisted, will cause more pain and injury. Because of this, the body is unable to perform many physical activities. If you are a physically active individual, this can really get in the way.

Back pain can decrease your ability to exercise and be physically active. However, without proper treatment, the pain can last longer and lead to serious injuries that may require extensive therapy. It’s best to have the pain treated first before going into any strenuous activities.


3. Difficulty in doing household chores

Household chores are something that you cannot avoid or leave to pile up for now. Your home needs to be maintained to ensure cleanliness and hygiene for the entire family. However, this can be a challenge when you have back pains.

Performing tasks as simple as cooking and washing the dishes can prove to be difficult. This can lead to an inability to cook properly or unable to clean the house properly which will then lead to an untidy and unclean home.


4. Depression and mood swings

As simple and common as back pains can be, this can actually escalate to emotional distress such as mood swings or even depression. Back pain will make one feel uncomfortable and will eventually lead to crankiness. Just like how being hungry can make one easily irritable, pain can stir irritability in a person like not wanting to hear noise or be around people.

This will then lead to mood swings. Snapping at people around you may happen, and you may say words or do stuff you do not mean, only because you feel a nagging pain from your back that does not seem to go away. You retreat to the solitary of your room where, even there, you do not find comfort from the pain. This eventually leads to depression and anxiety issues that, without professional help, can lead to mental health problems.

From home chores to office tasks to your personal physical activities, there are many things that back pain can hinder you from doing. Being unable to perform properly on your tasks because of the growing back pain you feel can make you lose confidence in your capabilities and skills that you had before you felt back pain. This will decrease self-esteem and pride in one’s self.

It may be a common condition and you probably have already identified the cause, but the next and most important step is to eliminate back pain from your life. We agreed that back pain certainly can affect your quality and way of life, so it would be best for you to get rid of it. Avoid taking painkillers or just getting used to it. You can do something about it. Improve your posture, identify the cause of pain and seek medical help to eliminate it and improve your health and way of life.


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