Hot Wedding Trends to Keep in Check for Your Big Day

Hot Wedding Trends to Keep in Check for Your Big Day

Are you in the process of planning your big day? Well, you probably already have some ideas about the theme and other more general aspects of the whole wedding, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use something truly interesting to spice things up as well. After all, with so many gorgeous wedding trends to watch out for, it would be a real shame to miss out on all the fun that you can create for both you and your guests. If you’re looking for more inspiration that will complete your wedding day, then keep on reading!


Colorful, yet dark and muted

Colorful, yet dark and mutedNow, how can something be colorful and dark at the same time? Well, if you’re still not sure about your flower choice for the big day, you may be interested in this particular trend that allows you to combine a range of colorful flowers – but don’t pick the vibrant and bright ones; instead, go for muted lilacs, dark purples, deep greens, maroon reds and burnt oranges. Of course, you can add a pop of yellow and white here and there, but these kinds of moody yet colorful flower arrangements are all the rage right now, especially for those interested in a vintage-inspired wedding.


Introduce a bar

The old-school way of serving drinks at the wedding usually involves a waiting service. But why do that when you can make sure that your guests can have a pick from a variety of drinks straight from the bar. Hiring a professional bartender who will craft amazing cocktails can truly liven up this whole event. Obviously, this may be a more appropriate solution for smaller weddings, but it’s still great fun for everyone. After all, people are used to the “boring” selection of drinks at the weddings, and incorporating a bar into your wedding organization can definitely keep your guests talking about this event for years to come.


Make a striking impression

For a while, it seemed that the attention was shifted from the arrival of bride and groom to other aspects of the wedding. But, the trend of making a striking impression with the arrival of the happy couple is back again! What’s more, people are not afraid to go all out in order to shine brighter than the stars as they step out from the vehicle. The best thing about this trend is that getting an outstanding vehicle has never been easier. With professional services such as Queen Street Wedding & Car Hire, you and your partner can arrive and leave in the most memorable fashion – and in style.


Late night partying

The reception will always be a huge part of the wedding. However, the current trends are shifting towards the late night partying afterwards. Not to mention that more and more weddings are being held in the evenings, with couples saying their faithful I do’s with a sunset as their backdrop. This “party after a party’ is the perfect opportunity for everyone to loosen up a bit, for a bride to change into something more comfortable, for music to get funkier, and the whole party to enjoy themselves as they dance, drink and eat until late hours at night.


Indoor venues are in again

Indoor venues are in againThe boom of outdoor weddings has definitely been a huge trend so far, but the decline in this trend’s popularity has been imminent as well. After all, there are just so many interesting and unconventional ideas as well as even more elegant traditional venues when it comes to choosing the perfect place to tie the knot and celebrate. Combining the indoor safety and convenience of the venue hall with the beauty of an open roof terrace at the same place has definitely become the go-to choice for many couples recently.

In the end, no matter what the current trends are, the important thing is for you to have fun, and organize a wedding you’ve been dreaming of. Still, trends are here to give you more ideas about making this day even more perfect and enjoyable. Don’t hesitate to take something you like from different trends and make it your own, as your personal touch will always make the wedding unique and your guests charmed by the atmosphere.

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