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Hospitality 101: How to Have Effective Communication with Your Staff as a Hotel Manager

One of the more challenging aspects associated with managing a larger or smaller hotel relates to communicating with staff members. Your team ideally will have a solid idea about what is expected of them throughout a typical workday, and they will stay on track with their efforts. However, there are instances when you may need to check up on them or adjust their work activities for different reasons.

It is not efficient and effective to physically walk through the hotel and try to find each individual. There may also be times when they need to reach you quickly to discuss an issue. If you are looking for some great ways to improve communication with your team, think about these steps.


Have Regular Team Meetings

Without regular team meetings, you will need to physically locate and speak to each team member when you need to make a change, address a widespread behavioral issue and more. Regular team meetings provide you with an effective platform that helps to get everyone on the same page. Ensure that the meetings are held at a time that is most convenient for most people, such as between shifts.


Hire a Dispatch Controller

Another great idea is to hire an individual who is tasked specifically with dispatching messages, routing calls and otherwise knowing exactly where each individual is at a given time. This perhaps may be a liaison of sorts that you can check in with periodically and that others can check in with as well. This person may even be responsible for managing portable communication devices.


Invest in Portable Communication Devices

To instantly reach any staff members in the hotel at any time, investing in portable communication devices from a company like Altech Electronics is a great idea. These devices may be akin to walkie-talkies, or they may operate more like cell phones. You could use them in conjunction with dispatch console inventory in some cases, or you may simply allow each individual to contact others through their handheld devices as needed.


Utilize Computer Stations on Every Floor

When these options are not feasible, another idea is to install computerized stations on each floor. This may be in a supply closet or another private, staff-only location. Individuals can check in when arriving at or when leaving a floor. They may be able to receive personalized messages each time they check into the system. Others can also check the system to determine which floor they can search for a person on if they are urgently needed.

You can see that there are different ways to stay in touch with your hotel staff on a regular basis. In some hotels, it may even be beneficial to incorporate several of these ideas together for more comprehensive results. With how important communication is when managing a hotel, you cannot afford to overlook this matter.

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