Home Cleaning Hacks for the Working Mum

If you relate to this just by the title, you’re a real hero for powering through hectic schedules and overwhelming exhaustion to maintain both your career and home life. We know how hard it can be and sometimes you just need a slight push in the right direction. We’ve got just the right guide for your least favourite chore: cleaning the house!

Home Cleaning Hacks for the Working Mum

Whether you’re a full-time professional or work-at-home mum with plenty of side gigs and freelance jobs, the nature of being a mum doesn’t escape you. Particular to this is keeping up the house and the family together. These cleaning hacks may just be what you need to thrive in your work without letting the house lose its life and colour.

Focus on the Common Rooms

The kitchen, dining area, and living room are some of the common rooms that every house probably have. These are inescapable areas as everyone probably goes into them at least once a day. They’re also potentially what guests will see when they visit, so they’re good things to keep clean at all times.

Wipe down the surfaces

Unlike the floor, surfaces are closer to people’s range of sight. Leftover crumbs, dust, and the like are easily visible. Wipe down all surfaces especially in these common rooms to give even just an illusion of a clean home.

Plump the cushions on the couch

Doing this does the same effect as making your bed in the morning. Your couch probably takes up a large space just like your bed does, so it feels like the whole room is instantly made up again.

Coral Things Into Baskets and Bins

Mums in general should make baskets and bins their best friends. They make life so much easier and the house look organized when in reality they just hide the mess. Get wicker trunks for toys, foldable fabric bins for organizing clothes in the closet, and basket bins for quick swipe of rooms.

If you have a home office, this strategy might really come in handy. A clean work space makes for increased productivity.

Put in little trinkets scattered around and cover with a neatly folded blanket. Voila! There will be zero toys in sight and even the storage isn’t such a sight for sore eyes. They just look like an intentional decoration piece.

Always Maintain the Bathroom

When the bathroom is clean, it seems like the whole house is clean. At least, that’s what my mum always said. Make it a point to wipe down the sink and toilet area, declutter, and replace products where they belong. It’s best to do this before you shower, so you don’t have to worry much about getting your hands dirty.

Establish Some Kid Stuff-Free Zones

Kid stuff-free zones are areas or rooms in the house where your kids aren’t allowed to leave any of their things. As soon as you instill these zones into their minds, it will be habit for them not to leave toys where they’re not supposed to like the kitchen counter or guest bedroom.

Use a Steamer

The laundry has a way of piling up without you noticing and it can be annoying. Keep them away immediately; the dirty ones into the wash and the clean ones in a basket for ironing. If you use a steamer, you might not even have to schedule a day for ironing because the time to do the chore is cut down by the efficient tool.

Manage Your Mail

Paperwork is one of the things that just piles up and creeps up on you. Create a system for your mail so that you’re always up-to-date with bills, mail, school letters, and packages that come and go. It’s advisable to check and filter through it daily.

Impose a Clean As You Go Rule

Involve your kids in cleaning by imposing this clean as you go rule. Whatever you all do, no one is excused to just leave their stuff when they’re done. You can do this together after playtime or during a designated cleaning time where you all declutter, perhaps every Saturday morning.

Hire Someone for a Deep Clean

All these little cleaning acts can only keep up the house for so long. Eventually, a deep general cleaning will be needed. For that, it might be more time-efficient, productive, and energy-saving to hire someone to do it for you. You can work while they work and at the end of it, you’re accomplished, tired just the right amount, but with a newly-cleaned house to cozy up in.


Behind every mum and career superwoman are hacks like these that truly simplify home life.


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