Holidays are not over yet: How to throw the ultimate theme party

Most people regard their office Christmas party as the height of the holiday party season. However, it is never too late (or too soon) to throw a theme party that would fit in nicely with the whole festive spirit. Like all such parties, getting the theme right can make or break your party before its date even arrives. Throwing the ultimate party this season should, therefore, start from choosing the right theme and here are several ideas to get your imagination going.

Vegas style


Millions of tourists visit Nevada’s largest city each year, so the name of Las Vegas is bound to attract many guests to your party. You can create a casino-like atmosphere with green cloths over round tables, cupboard dressed like slot machines, an occasional deck of cards, and a pair of dice. Mock gambling could be the party’s main pastime that few will be able to resist. A far as the drinks go, Vegas cocktails are an ideal solution and they can be served by friends dressed as waiters and waitresses. They would love such a role play, as the tips guests give them would be real.

Going to the movies


Almost everyone is a movie lover, so a theme party that honors all the popular movie genres would be a huge success. You could set up a video beam and play classics all night long. The rooms can be decorated with movie posters and figurines from iconic movies such as Titanic, Saving Private Ryan of the Star Wars franchise. Each guest could bring some item that relates to their favorite film to put on display.

Costume party


The classic theme is a party that cannot be entered unless you are wearing a costume. There is no theme in itself, but each guest can choose what they will come dressed as. The principle is simple: the wackier the costume, the better. In order to really spice things up, you can hold a competition for the best costume design and the best costume idea.

These parties are interesting because you needn’t actually buy any clothes especially for the party as is the case with gala receptions. In most cases, costume hire is the best option as there are numerous companies nowadays that rent all kinds of costumes. In fact, you can even design the costume yourself and have it shipped to your home address or delivered to the nearest store. How cool is that!

A Christmas theme


Since your party is happening right in the middle of the holiday season, there is no reason not to embrace the Christmas spirit. You can have several Santas going around, mock-up reindeer, a large Christmas tree, and plenty of presents underneath it.

White sensation


Choosing a particular color to serve as the overall theme may sound ridiculous at first but such parties are highly valued among partygoers. You can choose any color from the palette but the most attractive colors are the simplest ones, such as white. Make it mandatory that the people dress up in all white since that is the only way they are getting past the front door. When we say “all white,” we mean not a single spot of any other color, including the undergarments. This theme is useful because you can organize yearly parties and just change the theme color each time. The pictures you take at such a party will truly be memorable.


The final piece of advice we have to offer is to stick entirely to the theme once you decide on it. This means that every last detail should be made to match the theme. If you choose the Christmas theme, the house should be decorated on the outside and you can even introduce artificial snow on the inside.

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