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Holiday, your body and self-care

The holiday has started, a time most of us eagerly look forward to. The weeks before our holiday we tend to squeeze everything into our days so by the time we are finally free, our to-do list is less long and our body pretty exhausted. The holiday is seen as a time off. But where do we actually take time off from?

From our workload and our manager perhaps, but how about our body? The concept of holiday is something unknown to our body. We tell ourselves that we have a holiday, but for our bodies, every day is just like any other day. Monday, Wednesday, weekend, Christmas or holiday, it’s all the same for our body. We can’t take a holiday from our body.


There is no such thing as taking time off your body

Our body loves to be taken care off and listened to, every day, but somehow under the name of ‘holiday’, we tell ourselves we can do whatever we like. We stay up late, we sleep in, we take on a different rhythm, we have that extra glass of wine or special local drink during lunch, we eat three courses and when you go to Spain, you eat at 22:00, we stop exercising or we do some form of sports that our body doesn’t ask for, we get sunburned because we sit a lot in the sun, we have that special coffee or ice cream etc. Holiday seems to be a time where comfort is more important than true self-care.

It seems perfectly normal and accepted to gain a few ‘holiday kilo’s’ or to get back to work and already long for our next holiday. But why have we accepted this as normal?
For me taking a holiday is not about taking time off, but staying connected, listen to my body, deepen my relationships (with myself and with those I am travelling with) but also my self-care. In other words: listen to my body and honour, without perfection, what it tells me.


So how can you go on holiday and have self-care in your luggage?

Stay true to your rhythm and go to bed on time and get up early. Sleeping in makes you only feel more tired. Stick to your daily routines, like in my case making my bed every day, take a shower before going to bed and committing to my online esoteric yoga classes. I find it really supporting to have stop moments in my day where I just check in with myself for a minute: how’s my body feeling, where am I with my thoughts, what is the energetic quality I am in and how is my breathing? Last but not least, I love to walk every day. This can be a short 15 minutes walk, whatever suits your day. Focus on how you walk and how you move and feel your feet.

P.s. going on holiday can bring up some tension in your relationship. Go for a walk and hold hands. Best therapy ever.

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