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Hitting the road while building an empire

By Emma Barr, Founder iLEADS. When I quit my corporate role 4 years ago I had no idea what I wanted to do but knew that I wanted to run my own business from where ever I was in the world. For me, the remote lifestyle was calling. Over the past four years I have built up and sold multiple businesses (and failed at a few) but everything really clicked into place when I combined my passions for digital marketing and real estate. And I think that has really been key. Combining two things that I am really passionate about because when you are passionate about your work it doesn’t really work is it?

Knowing from the start that my business structure had to be sustainable from where ever I was in the world has definitely given me strict guidelines to follow from day one. We had to make sure that all the processes that we had in place could be carried out if I wasn’t contactable for periods of time due to time zones or reception. For example all our meetings are done via phone or google hangouts, contracts have strict turn around periods, we have an online booking system where my clients can book in a call or meeting with me and I can choose what times I am available, we are also expanding our team with the aim of employing Mum’s who will be monitoring our emails and socials and will be able to respond at all times throughout the day so our clients will never see a downtime.

The decision to take my business with me on the road while traveling around Australia with my family has been easy. This is a trip we have always wanted to take and with technology these days it is completely doable. I definitely know that it won’t always be easy, however, with great wifi, the above systems in place, co-working spaces & cafes I will still be contactable to my clients.

Since we made the decision to hit the road we have made sure that the processes we have in place to grow the business are streamlined and will be constantly working in the background no matter where we are. We have lead generation campaigns in place that are constantly running and generating new leads and clients, we have also built out a great referral network for the business as well as getting referrals from our existing clients. These things are crucial since I want the business to continue to grow and expand even as we travel around the country.

We are constantly updating our systems and procedures as the business grows, however, these are our favorite tools at the moment for automation and helping us to run the business as hands-off as possible.

Linked Helper: Connects and expands your LinkedIn network and sends personalized messages to your target prospects on your behalf.

Clickfunnels: The prospects from our marketing campaigns are driven into our Lead Generation funnel who are they followed up by a series of targeted emails.

Schedule once: Our phone and online meeting booking system allow our clients to access our calendars and book in a time that they would like to speak with us.

Facebook Ads Manager: All our campaigns are scheduled in advance to make sure we are still advertising to our target audience.

PR Team: We have an amazing PR team that is constantly working to grow the brand getting the business more exposure and growing our client base.

There are so many business opportunities out there and so many of them can be run remotely. It is just about making sure that you have the processes in place when you start out so that the transition to running a business on the road is stress-free. We can’t wait to hit the road and I am sure that the business will continue to grow while we do.

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