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High paying medical careers within your reach

The medical field is expanding. It’s a simple fact: people get sick, fall down, feel depressed, and face a whole host of other maladies every single day. The CDC reports that 137 million emergency room visits occurred in the United States in 2015, and that number continues to rise.

If you need any more proof of the viability of a career in the medical field, look no further than the recession that hit just over a decade ago: while the economy was reeling, the private healthcare sector added over 550,000 new jobs. As a result of the desperate need for healthcare staff, now is a fantastic time for you to pursue the career that you have always dreamed of. But what job works best for you?

Providing urgent care

There are a number of options before you, but they all rest within your measure of comfortability and desired area of effect. Are you a hands-on caregiver, would you rather listen and help friends of family talk through their problems, or are you a high intensity problem solver who thrives in stressful situations?

The fascinating thing about the medical field is that there is a career path out there for every type of person, no matter their work style, motivation, or personal strengths. All it takes to be successful in this high stakes practice is a desire to help people to feel better: it’s the glue that binds medical professionals of all stripes.

As a palliative caregiver, you might consider a move into the nursing field. While by no means do nurses ignore the symptoms and underlying causes of an ailment, they operate in shifts around the clock to ensure that the patients under their care are happy, comfortable, and receiving the best possible treatment while in the hospital or doctor’s office.

If instead, you are an adrenaline junkie, you might be the perfect EMT. These are the rapid response workers who arrive in ambulances with blaring sirens, ready to rush you off to potentially lifesaving treatment. And they do all this while assessing and working to stabilize any injuries, heart and lung conditions, or any of the other countless issues that may be threatening your health.

Providing mental healthcare

Maybe you are the listening type. If so, there are endless possibilities in the medical field for you as well. There is a real and growing threat to the mental health of Americans; with the number of ailing Americans on the rise, coupled with a shockingly high rate of under or non-treatment (upward of 50 percent in some cases), it is clear that mental health in underrepresented in the healthcare industry. There is a significant need for mental health professionals, and it is as simple as earning your MS in Counseling online in order to break into a high-paying career with huge potential for growth that also feeds the caring nature inside of you.

Health trends — both the lengthening life span of Americans and the gradual rise of ER visits year over year — paint the picture of a healthcare landscape that must expand to keep up with the needs of a nation that’s living longer and feeling more aches and pains as a result. The healthcare industry is always in need of new talent: no matter where your skills and passions lie, there is a medical career for you that will reward you both in the satisfaction of a meaningful job well done and in your wallet.

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