Hemp water: more than just a fad

As women, we’re constantly on the look out for the next great thing and seeking to better ourselves – whether it be trying out a new wellness regime, a wardrobe makeover or even just to achieve personal goals. Looking after my health is a priority, especially after I had my kids. How else am I supposed to keep up with two young kids? For me, figuring out the next best way to improve my wellbeing became a goal.

Skeptics may call them fads but there’s no harm in trying new things, as long as it doesn’t harm you. From quinoas to turmeric lattes, fads can often have some great health benefits and they can be interesting additions to your usual diet. With hemp seeds being recently legalised as a food in Australia last year, it’s become the latest food trend with many cafes serving hemp-seed treats and health food stores stocking the product.

My relationship with hemp-based products started when I was looking for ways to deal with my long-term psoriasis. After conducting a lot of research, I made up a concoction of hemp mixed with moisturising cream, which turned out to be far greater than the average steroid cream. Naturally I thought, ‘how can I take this further?’

And that’s how +hemp was born. I personally banked on hemp being legalised as a food and decided to go on a journey to create Australia’s first true hemp water – which took me 18 months. I experienced first-hand how much hemp was helping with my psoriasis and I knew I needed to introduce its benefits in an accessible way to Aussies.

Using only high-quality organic hemp oil, which is full of health benefits such as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, amino acids, high levels omega-3 and omega-6, and Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA), +hemp is an extremely nutritional beverage. That single nutritious ingredient is mixed with water and added vitamins and nutrients to create a drink that’s hydrating and equally, refreshing just like water, but with the added benefits and a citrus burst flavour

Hemp water may be seen as a fad to some, but I think it’s here to stay! It has slowly made its way into the mainstream food scene and is no longer just a ‘health food’. You can find it perched on the shelves of cafes, fitness centres and service stations – which is where you can find +hemp. My product is stocked in more than 250 retailers around Australia, including selected BP stations – one of which even makes a hemp-based slushie using our hemp water. As more Aussies become educated on hemp’s benefits and become less fearful of it, I think it will grow even more in popularity which is very exciting.




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