What the hell is Tailwind, and how do you use it for Pinterest?


A few months back I finally started implementing a Pinterest strategy (I know, real late to the game.) Pinterest has always been a big driver of traffic to my blog and I knew it could drive a lot more if I just took the time to nurture it a little. I’ve already started to see the benefits of taking the time to implement a stronger Pinterest strategy and plan to continue to grow with it in 2017.

The best tool I have found for growing with Pinterest is Tailwind.  Tailwind is a Pinterest schedule tool, and recently, I’ve discovered a new tool inside of Tailwind called Pinterest Tribes.  These are essentially networking groups inside of Tailwind where you can share your pins in exchange for sharing other member’s pins. With the commitment of a couple minutes a day, you can start to see real engagement growth, increase in repins, and, subsequently, more traffic back to your blog and site!


  1. Using your Tailwind account you simply join a tribe. This can be done through an invite, but sometimes you can find “open” tribes to join. You can join my new Tribe here to get started!
  2. Currently, Tailwind Tribes is free for anyone to use, even if they aren’t using Tailwind already.
  3. Pin your content to your tribe. (When you join your first tribe, Tailwind walks you through the process in case you still have questions.)  You’ll want to share a few of your best pins from your blog once a week, or whatever schedule works for you.
  4. Follow the rules of the tribe. Most simply say “pin here and repin others.” So, after you pin your content you need to repin other member’s content. Repinning from other tribe members is really easy to do with Tailwind, just click on the pins from the tribe you want to save.
  5. You can see your pins and your reach within your Tribe Dashboard to track your progress. You’ll notice an increase in no time if you’re active inside of the tribes!


Currently, you can’t “search” for Tribes inside of Tailwind. You need to know someone who invites you or shares their invite link. There’s a handful of blogger related tribes out there to join if you search. Luckily for you, I have my own group to get you started.

What I love about Pinterest Tribes is that it’s a win/win situation.  Share your content and have it re- pinned.  Meet other bloggers and find great, new content!

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