Must-Know Health Benefits Of Potatoes

Potatoes are a must-have part of almost any diet and this is because of the many health benefits they have. They can be prepared in so many different ways, so there are a bunch of delicious potato recipes that you can try to prepare. Potatoes are packed with many vitamins, minerals and other essential organic compounds that are the essential part of our nutrition. And the following health benefits will definitely make you add potatoes into your diet, so let’s check them out.

Improve Digestion

Potatoes are rich in carbohydrates and as such can improve digestion. This makes them a great diet for babies or for those who have a problem to digest hard food. They also contain fiber which actually increases secretion of gastric juices which prevents constipation and as such protects the body from colorectal cancer. The fiber can also improve heart health since it can scrap cholesterol out of the arteries and blood vessels.

Good For Your Brain

Potatoes are high in carbohydrates, vitamin-B complex, amino acids and omega-3 which are essential for proper functioning of the brain. The carbohydrates help maintain good levels of glucose in the blood, which prevent the brain from letting fatigue creep in and thus keeps your cognitive activity high. Potatoes are also rich in iron which makes them good food for hemoglobin.

Great For Your Skin

Potatoes are packed with vitamin C and B-complex, as well as minerals such as magnesium, potassium, zinc and phosphorus which are great for your skin. You can also use potatoes for skin care when combined with other healthy ingredients. For instance, a mixture of potatoes and honey can help you cure pimples and spots on the skin. Also, in the ofse on skin burns, you can apply this mixture and thus promote faster healing.  

Lower Blood Pressure

Potatoes are rich in fiber that lowers cholesterol and improves the function of insulin in the body, which actually helps in the lowering of blood pressure. This is due to the connection between blood pressure and the glucose level in the blood. Also, potatoes contain potassium which again lowers blood pressure.

Besides the above-mentioned health benefits, potatoes can also strengthen the immune system, maintain fluid balance, reduce insomnia as well as aid-in eye care. So, make sure to add potatoes to your healthy diet and thus get its many benefits. They are delicious and can be easily prepared in many ways, such as boiled, baked and steamed. Potatoes may also help you lose weight since they are quite filling.

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