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Growing Up: 3 Ways to Make Your Startup Feel More Official

Many customers and clients prefer to work with established and trusted companies rather than startups, so you may be aware that your company must outwardly project an image of success. While employees may be attracted to younger companies that have an excellent opportunity for growth, they also often want to work for a company that is already successful. Your company’s ability to hire well-trained, hardworking individuals is essential for its success. There are a few steps that you can take to help your business to feel more established so that you can attract and retain quality employees.


Use Professional Cleaning Services

Your office space understandably needs to be cleaned regularly. Many smaller startups require employees to share the cleaning chores, but this can make your employees feel as though they are working for a company that is not yet successful and established. A great way to combat this common predicament is to hire a professional cleaning service to do the work for you. Just search Google in local terms like “NYC floor cleaning services” to see what is available near you. Because a professional cleaning crew may do a more thorough job, your clients and customers may notice the difference in your space as well.


Invest in Quality Web Design Services

Some startups skimp in the area of website design. Many professional designs may charge an outrageous fee for their services, so it makes sense to try to cut back in this area as much as possible. However, your website essentially is your company’s virtual storefront. It is an expression of your company’s overall professionalism. We can take, for example, the website for a floor cleaning service as mentioned above. If you go to and see a simple, clean, and efficient website, think about what that says to you as a potential client. What if their website were messy or outdated? Investing in quality design services may be a great use of funds that can validate your company.

Provide Excellent Benefits

One of the reasons why some job applicants steer clear of startups is because of their lack of benefits. Even when you do manage to recruit top talent to join your startup, these professionals may soon leave when they grow tired of not having excellent benefits. In order to attract and retain talent, your company needs to offer similar benefits to a much larger company. This may include an employer-matching retirement plan, health benefits and ample paid time off.

Startups must project an official, established façade at all times. This can seem like an elusive goal to accomplish at first glance. However, each of these tips is easy to follow, and each one can help you to achieve a feeling of professionalism in different ways. Consider how these ideas may impact your business, and explore other thoughtful ideas that may be applicable to your business.

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