How Graphic Design Can Help Your Blog Attract Visitors

Another year, another website design trend. Sometimes it’s really hard to keep up with all of the changes happening over the internet. In the past, websites were more ‘action-packed’ as things were still relatively new and exciting, whereas today, there’s a more minimalistic vibe to it instead. Likewise, the fact that the average attention span is getting lower and lower with each passing year, websites are slowly turning to graphic content in favor of text to attract their visitors. Yet, filling every last centimeter of your homepage with graphics is an overkill and will generally do more harm than good for your traffic as you don’t want to scare your readers off the moment they land on your homepage. So, in order to properly utilize your website’s graphic design, you need to be aware of a few things beforehand.

Create a goal-driven design

First of all, your blog is a gateway into your business. As such, if the first thing your visitors are greeted with is a maze of confusing menus, buttons and over-the-top use of graphics and color themes, your business will look quite disorganized and extremely unprofessional. Functionality should always be the main point of your blog, graphic design comes second, to complement and enhance it further, and not the other way round. What’s the main point of your blog? Is it to drive traffic to your main site, or do you want to direct them to your online shop instead? Whatever the case, set up your blog’s navigation bar in such a way that it’s welcoming to newcomers, and guide them towards your ultimate goal – main website traffic, sales, and so on. Use graphics to assist your visitors with useful information, and not to distract them with unnecessary aesthetics that just get in the way of your blog’s main purpose.

Increase brand awareness

Let’s face it, customers are more likely to buy things from a business they know of than from some they’ve never even heard of before. The same goes for blog traffic, people usually tend to inspect blogs of brands they’ve seen somewhere before a lot more than they do unknown ones. As a result, you need to work on increasing your brand awareness if you wish to see a boost in your blog’s traffic. The best way to do this is by creating unique graphic designs for your blog in the form of logos and whatnot. Just remember to stay consistent with your brand’s logo, and other graphics, by using no more than two or three shapes and colors distinct to your particular design and keep it professional. If you’re not good at making these yourself, contact an expert graphic design studio to do it for you instead. The worst thing you can do is post some low-quality amateurish graphics that will make your content look laughable and your brand cheap and incompetent.

Utilize color psychology

Don’t look at the white space in your background as a wall of shame. Learn to love and embrace it for what it is: a vital part of your overall design. The white space is like a supporting character for your main colors and should remain in the background as such. Putting epic graphic content in your background is tempting but it’ll draw the attention from your main content. Instead, you should stick to a clean, minimalistic, style and use two contrasting colors for your general content and one for your call-to-action. This way, you won’t be diverting your readers’ focus to all the wrong places. Using two contrasting colors and not two similar ones is pretty self-explanatory, and also consider using red for your call-to-action color as it is the single most powerful one out there. Generally, the color red is associated with strength, passion, love, etc. Therefore, use such color psychology to your advantage.

Optimize responsiveness

Finally, you want your graphic design to optimize your blog’s responsiveness as much as possible. For example, you shouldn’t be using gigantic pictures that will take ages to load, especially on mobile phones. Nowadays, people are constantly on the go, thus effectively turning mobile phones into the most used devices for internet surfing. Consequently, you need to make sure your graphic content, and your overall blog layout, agrees with the same. Utilize infographics, blog post pictures and call-to-action graphics of the appropriate sizes, neither too big nor too small, so your visitors don’t have to zoom in and out on their mobile phones all the time.

To sum up, graphic design can be a powerful tool for generating traffic. Yet, a “l’art pour l’art” graphic design won’t do your blog justice. Instead integrate clear-cut goals, colors, and consistent brand logos for the most optimal result.

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