Work From Home on eBay: The Basics

Got a new business idea? These are the first tools you need.

I quite often have ideas for businesses and need to get ideas up and started first. There’s some key things you need to get in place before starting a business in Australia, and here’s some very important steps.

Tools I use to create the best infrastructure for my businesses and ideas

  • Asic where you need to go to register your business name (Australia only)
  • ABR where you need to go to apply for an ABN (Australia only)
  • Bancroft Lawyers Anita Aarons is my personal lawyer and “director of reasoning”. I go to her with my all my ideas, not only for advice, but setting up company structures, protecting my ideas and trademarks. She’s also an expert in business law, tax law and franchising.
  • G Suite (aka Google Apps) where you need to go to sign up for your domain, and have it all good to go with your own branded suite of Google products, including Gmail, Calendar, Hangouts, Drive and Slides.
  • Digital Pacific I’ve been using these guys for almost 10 years. Great pricing on hosting, responsive tech support and one-click install for WordPress yippeee!
  • WordPress is my preferred content management system. Install it yourself using the one-click install on your Digital Pacific hosting, or get us to help you.
  • Logo Joy who I go to if I need a quick, affordable logo. You design it yourself and get all the file types you need for only $65. I used them for Marketing Bootcamp’s logo!
  • Woocommerce the plugin I use on my WordPress site to sell products online. Works with my email provider Klaviyo and also Paypal, Stripe and many other payment providers and works with the style of your site.
  • Stripe what I choose to use to process my credit card payments online. Also syncs with most other software I use for my coaching and programs.
  • Square the phone adapter I choose to use to take payments on the go. Simply swipe your clients credit card and the money appears in your account a few days later!
  • PayPal The simplest of all payment processors, PayPal allows you to take payments online for a very reasonable fee. It will also act as a simple shopping cart.

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