Google+ for business-5 Successful marketing tips to take you to the top

Google+ is a great social networking site every business should leverage on to take their business to the next level.  To take your business to the top, you shouldn’t negate the power of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. However, our attention in this article is to x-ray the importance of Google+ for business.

Surely you will never regret engaging Google+ for yourbusiness promotion. As a business owner, take some time to have a review of ipage-many experts say that ipage remains the best place to get easy, highly convenient and quick web hosting plans, domain registration, marketing tools etc.

Many marketers have confirmed in recent years that including Google+ in your online marketing would be one of the smartest decisions you can take.

Here are 5 ways using Google+ can boost your business performance:

Include keywords
and relevant links on your about page

The about us page is a great platform to showcase what your business does. Most people when you visit your site, the first thing they will check is your about us page, because this is the main place they will get quality information they need. You can add links and keywords, directing your potential visitors to the relevant pages you would like them to go to your site.

 It is important youinclude those tips visitors will be willing to read. Take advantage of Google+, and keep in mind that it gives you the privilege of using bullets in your description.

 Also, ensure you include links of a contact form and specific pages, test and track different variations. This will help you to know what works for your business and what is not working.

Connect with your whole audience using Google+ events

Google has an amazing feature which enable Google+ users to send customized invitations to their circles in addition to parties, work functions, webinars,  whether those people are Google+ users or not.

Another beautiful thing about this feature is that it syncs perfectly with Google calendar. Google+ enables marketers to create a real-time, living photo journal in a chronological order, and share with their followers.

Set up Google authorship

Google is daily using search engine optimization benefits to entice bloggers and webmasters to engage with Google+.  Having a Google authorship is good for your business.

Setting up a Google authorship will make Google trust you as a credible source of content. It is easy, simple, and highly convenient toset up a Google authorship. The best way to indentify your business with Google is through your Google+ profile.

If you have Google authorship, it will enable your picture to show up next to your blog posts or in Google search results- this will surely cause higher click-through rates and rankings.

Below are some of the amazing benefits of setting up Google authorship:

  • it increases the awareness of your Google+ profile
  • it increases trustworthiness and adds a human face to your overall content
  • It enables your content to stand out from the crowd etc.

Use third-party posts and content

Businesses usually create high-quality contents and post them on social media, and their expected result is to gain engagements in return. But, most businesses pay little or no attention to getting involved with third-party posts.  

Commenting or adding your thoughts to influencer’s posts remains one of the effective ways to build quality relationships with industry friends, influencers etc. This is an untapped resource you can leverage on.

Besides commenting on third-party posts, you can share contents posted by other industry leaders on your Google+ channel- page or community. With this tip, you will surely position yourself as a force to reckon with, and telling others that you know how to effectively use third-party posts and contents.

YouTube videos to your Google+ page

Do you have YouTube videos? If you don’t any, then you are expected to set up one today. Videos are one of the foremost ways of sharing your contents to all forms of social networks.

A video content speaks more than a thousand words. Your videos help you to connect with your followers on Google+, so that anyone can see it. The key word here is to make sure you connect your videos to your Google+ profile.


The marketing tips shared in this article will surely enable you to take your business to the next level of excellence. from including keywords and relevant links on the about page to the 5th tip, adding YouTube video to your Google+ page.  They are huge marketing strategy you can leverage on.

What are your thoughts about this article? Have you tried using Google+ in your business promotion on social media? If you have, kindly share your experience in the comment section below!

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