Going Back: 3 Helpful Tips for Working after Giving Birth

Some mothers decide to head back to work after giving birth, and others may feel obligated to so because of personal finances. Regardless of why you are returning to work, you inevitably may feel stressed about leaving your newborn baby for long hours each day. There understandably may be concerns about how the baby will react to being away from his or her mother, how this may affect bonding and how well-cared for the baby will be in the hands of other people. While returning to work will be an emotional and stressful experience regardless of the steps that you take to prepare, you can make the process easier by incorporating some or all of these ideas into your plan.

Hire a Nanny

Some new mothers are concerned about leaving their baby in a daycare environment. After all, one caregiver may be responsible for several babies. This means that the caregiver may not always be able to respond to your little one’s cries for food, comfort, a clean diaper and more. An alternative to the daycare environment is to hire a dedicated nanny to work in your home. Your baby can stay in safe, comfortable surroundings and receive loving care from a professional from a nanny agency who you have screened and selected with care.

Work Part-Time

For some mothers, there is an opportunity to work part-time rather than full-time. This may help you to make the transition easier for yourself and for your baby. Some mothers even decide to work part-time hours for many long months or even years. Both personal finances and your employer’s need for someone to complete all of the responsibilities that you are assigned to may come into play, you may be able to make this concept work well for you with careful planning.

Work from Home

Working from home is increasingly common because of the many technological innovations and advances. Your employer may permit you to work from home for at least a few days per week or for a few hours each day. Some employers may even be willing to convert your job to a remote position on a permanent basis. If you decide to work from home, keep in mind that you may still need to make childcare arrangements. After all, newborns require significant care and attention throughout the day.

As you can see, there are multiple solutions available that can make your transition back to work less stressful and more successful. Regardless of whether you have recently returned to work or you are feeling stressed about your approaching return date, carefully analyze these options. Discuss possibilities with your employer, and consider researching childcare arrangements that will work well with your work situation.

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