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Go Around The World With Breakfast

Breakfast has always been a passion of mine and discovering new cultures sounds like an adventure to me especially when it involves travel. Whenever I visit a new place, I always try and eat what the locals do. Eating food that you love is important, but so is continuing with traditions and cultural norms.  What I learned through this research process is that no matter how modernized we become, there are still foods that remind us of home.

Let the travel begin


One of the most popular breakfast options in Mexico is Chilaquiles.  A combination of Corn tortillas are cut up, sprinkled with cheese, chilies, salsa and an egg is just something special. If I had to explain it to someone, I would say it is an enchilada with eggs.  It is popular because it includes all the traditional flavors connected to Mexico.




In Colombia, you can find a variety of flavors. Between the sweet and salty dishes, it can be hard to choose one option. Colombians are passionate about their culture and would waste no time in feeding you their traditional meals. The most traditional breakfast in this region is Changua. This dish is a milk soup that consists of milk, eggs, coriander, and scallions. It is traditionally eaten with a piece of bread called “calado”.  This dish is synonymous with the Chibcha people, who were an indigenous group in the Cundinamarca region.



When it comes to food in Italy, there is no doubt that some of the best dishes are created here. There is something about Italy that inspires me to cook better and enjoy the meals I prepare. I have learned to slow down and give the flavors a chance to tell me their stories. Moving away from the world, Italy is not really into having savory breakfasts. You can commonly find a sweet treat as breakfast options here. A Cornetto, which is a croissant that is much smaller than the huge French croissant.  This, of course, must be enjoyed with an espresso.


A classic Italian Breakfast


The Catalan region in Spain is famous for a lot of delicious and traditional dishes.  A common breakfast option here is called Pan a la Catalina.  Bread rubbed with garlic and topped with tomato relish and olive oil.  The flavors go well together and it has been standing the test of time as one of the best breakfasts to have in Spain.


United States

America enjoys French toast, pancakes but one stands out. Bring on the bacon, eggs and hash browns. This is what a typical American breakfast is, but a lot of people are becoming more health conscious. There is nothing wrong with this breakfast option, but Americans are coming up with healthier options day by day. This country is diverse, so what might seem typical for one family is not always the same for the next.


An Irish breakfast is typically very close to the option you’d have in the UK as well as Scotland. It is one of those classic options consisting of eggs, baked beans, sausages with some tomato and mushrooms. Often times you will add some black pudding with a slice of soda bread. It’s a hearty breakfast that will sustain you until your next meal.



One of the most controversial ingredients in the world has to be Vegemite. Well, Australians seem to love it so much that they slather it on a slice of toast for breakfast. Some people from other countries who have tried vegemite does not understand the popularity of it, but it has been around since 1923, so it is here to stay.



Take a little trip with for Breakfast leaving your Kitchen

Our taste buds crave different meals based on location. Of course, this can have to do with what we grow up eating as kids, but I believe it goes deeper than that. There are days when I miss the simple meals my mom would make, even when I have an extravagant dish as an option. Food creates memories and it is those memories that often times define our taste buds and cravings. What are some of your favorite cuisines from around the world?

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