Give this thanksgiving a super stylish fervor using awesome DIY hacks

Thanksgiving is the time of the year when we take a pause in our fast-paced lives, acknowledge what God has given us and pray for everyone’s happiness. More so, it gives us an opportunity to look inwards. However, in accordance with the changing human dynamics, Thanksgiving has acquired many more meanings altogether, and rightly so. It marks a great celebration to encourage a brotherly interaction among us as a society. It is indeed a true message of peace and happiness.

You must be planning to celebrate the upcoming Thanksgiving in a way you haven’t before. Yes, it is the right time to go beyond its religious significance, think beyond the ubiquitous dish made of turkey, and bring stylish and awesome fervours in the middle of celebrations. Whether you are planning to host a marvelous party, planning a road trip with friends, or going to make exotic decorations; you have all the options in your platter to think through and give them a try.

Here are some awesome DIY tips to transform this Thanksgiving into a stylish fest:

  1. Send Thanksgiving invitations

Your celebrations should start by sending personalized printable thanksgiving invitations to your friends. Writing emails or sending text messages is not going to create that warmth and excitement. So, it is always a nice way to get your guests excited with a DIY invitation. You can include your own imagination and creativity to prepare collective or individual cards for the people who you want as your invitees. You can express genuine gratitude, appreciation, and love through these invitation cards.


  1. Choose an exceptional theme for your party

It is really a fun whenever a themed party is organized. This time as well raise the party fever of your guests by selecting and exceptional themes. Just convince them to get dressed for the party for your selected theme. Furthermore, it might help you streamline your party planning and set the tone for the rest of this Thanksgiving celebration. If you do not have any specific theme in your mind, we can help you find a few. You can use a superhero theme for your party where your guests would come by donning their favourite superhero costumes. Children will especially love the superhero theme. Another theme you can incorporate is movie themes such as Game of Thrones, Pirates of Caribbean, etc. where your guests will make their get-ups like their favourite characters.


  1. Use unique decorations at your Thanksgiving venue

Whether you have organized your Thanksgiving party at your home or anywhere else, it needs a complete makeover with decoration. The best way to do it is decorated it according to the chosen theme. Use colours and shades accordingly. You can purchase or borrow certain items from your friends or neighbours that are perfectly suitable to the theme. Else, you can use colours that complement the season such as orange, yellow, green and burgundy. Items should be chosen in such a way that every piece of decoration should complement each other in accordance with the theme. If you have a modest budget for your Thanksgiving party, there is no need to get excessive with the décor. However, excessive balloons will add to the beauty of the décor.


  1. Choose engaging party games to entertain your guests

Without games and other engaging activities, there is no fun in a party. Since you want to make it a memorable event, you have to think about various ideas to entertain your guests. You need to select games that are most appropriate for your invitees irrespective of their age. If most of your guests are kids, you should organize not one activity but many – they will love it. If your guests want to get up, move and become a little bit crazy, we have many ideas for you: Turkey hunt, Thanksgiving scavenger hunt, pumpkin roll, turkey bowling, Thanksgiving word scramble, and Thanksgiving treasure hunt to just name a few.


  1. Serve exotic foods with signature cocktails

Finally, it’s time to feast! Your guests are tired and hungry now, serve them the food that they wouldn’t forget for a long time. Whether you are planning to serve the traditional food or seasonal, just make these dishes a little more exotic. If the food is baked, buttery, creamy, candied and crisp, your Thanksgiving party is a smash hit. So, it would be better to turn your Thanksgiving feast into a meal that is traditional, trendy and above all tasty. You can also serve signature cocktails to your guests because nothing sets a tone for good conversation faster than a festive beverage. We have many recipe ideas for you: Brined herb-crusted turkey, mashed potatoes with cheese, roasted butternut salad, pumpkin pie, and perfect roast turkey with exotic stuffing, so on.

Thanksgiving is around the corner and makes sure to enjoy the festivity yourself and with your nearest and dearest ones. It’s time to make this rendezvous a really special one. So whether you are hosting the party at your home or renting out a venue, the above-mentioned ideas will surely make it a memorable celebration.

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