Get More Things Done: How to Become Morning Person

It would be perfect if we all could start our day early in the morning. After refreshing 8-hour sleep, we would wake up recharged and ready to face the day ahead. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t work that way. Some people just can’t wake up early in the morning, no matter if they went to bed on time. Others have problems to fall asleep due to sleep disorders or insomnia.

Even though many think that waking up in the morning is only good for productivity and getting the things done, it’s more than that. You will feel less stressed and will better manage the anxiety. Additionally, since most jobs start in the morning you will have to learn to adapt and become a morning person. And here is some advice how to do it.

1. Sleep more

Whenever you have a problem to wake up in the morning, the most usual advice is to sleep more. Although annoying for stating the obvious, it’s actually a really sound suggestion. People need 7-9 hours of sleep daily in order to function properly and be healthy.

Being too busy to sleep is one of those excuses you could learn to live without. Sleep has many benefits to human body and mind. Lack of it can actually be damaging to more ways than just having problems to wake up in the morning. Having a healthy dose of sleep will boost your memory, better your metabolism, increase concentration, heighten the mood, lower blood pressure levels and reduce stress.

2. No screens before sleep

TV, tablet, and smartphone are all things you should keep out of your bedroom. If you can’t do that for lack of space or it seems drastic, then decide when will you turn them off. We spend most of our times looking at the screens. If you do it before sleep, your mind won’t feel as though it’s time to sleep. It will still be active.

Try to create the space which will be dedicated to relaxation and sleep. You can still watch your favorite TV show in bed, just don’t do it before you fall asleep. Turn off the screens an hour before sleep so your brain would have enough time to rest. Even though it’s hard, leave your phone screen down.

3. Go to bed when you’re tired

Most people go to bed at the certain time. Although this seems like a very disciplined behavior and thus must be good, it’s actually not necessarily so. Namely, in this case, you won’t go to bed when you’re tired but will wait your designated time.

Never ignore what your body is telling you. Avoiding bed when you’re tired can have negative effects on you. It will trick your mind into being active although you feel physically exhausted. It can also increase your heart rate, cause a headache, nausea, and dizziness. So, next time you feel like sleeping, go to bed and don’t torture yourself.

4. Add physical activity

Those who have a problem to fall asleep may need some extra effort to get their sleep habits in order. One of the advised methods is to have a moderate physical activity before sleep to tire the body and release stress.

This can include light jog, pilates, biking or even long walk around the neighborhood. Check mountain bikes for sale since they can give you the maximum exercise, or join a local gym and jump on the cardio equipment. After the exercise, take a long relaxing bath and have a tea with a calming effect. Chamomile and lavender are known for their soothing effects.

5. Get up immediately

If you want to wake up at the desired time, you have to stop pressing the snooze button. If you feel groggy after waking up even though you had enough hours of sleep, that is because the REM phase was disrupted. You can use apps to help you with this, like Sleep Time and set your alarm clock. The app is intended to record your sleep and wake you up when you’re out of REM cycle.

Another important factor to your waking up in the morning is to get out of bed immediately. Don’t stretch in bed, yawn, or give yourself some extra time to bed. The moment you hear the alarm, press OFF and move. This way you will prevent grogginess to set in and will feel less tired.


Avoid any drastic changes in your sleep habits. Ease your body and mind into the new routine and allow yourself to adjust. This way you will avoid additional stress and gradually get used to waking up early in the morning.

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