How to Get the Most Out Of Employees without Crushing Them?


The entrepreneurs around the globe have been experimenting different ways to get the best out of their workforce since long. However, increasing employee productivity has proved to be a hard nut to crack for many capitalists leading them to windup their businesses. Employee productivity is on a decline worldwide and the responsible factors are stress, employees’ personal problems, and administrative bloopers. Globally, employees spend more or less 8 hours at the workplace which means they pass more time with their coworkers than their families and friends. The co-workers can have a sound influence on how one feels at the workplace and how one spends hours there. A motivated co-worker can create a positive environment in the workplace while a discontented worker can be unhelpful and demoralizing for the rest. If the employees are experiencing dips in their performance, it is the duty of the employers and higher management to help workers getting back to normal. Given are a few smart steps that businesses can practice to motivate employees and boost their productivity.

Make Your Office Feel Like Home

Your workplace may require a cultural revamp to give your workers comfort and ease of their homes. It would be even better if they feel like a family. It will make the co-workers committed to another and the organization, and they will hold themselves responsible for the success of the organization. Also, the more employees will feel productive and happy, the more loyal and comfortable they would be for the organization.

Take Your Employee Problem as Yours

You pay your workers not to just be physically present but also to be mentally dedicated while at work. However, an experienced employer understands that sometimes employees reach the office with their preoccupied or anxious minds, or become so during their stay at the workplace. If you know your worker is in serious trouble be helpful as possible. For instance, if your worker is a single mother who has to care for her ailing offspring, you may allow her family medical leaves or pay the medical dues. Be compassionate while dealing with both personal and work-related problems of your employees.

Incentives and Rewards Go a Long Way

Rewarding someone for a valuable doing can encourage him to continue efforts for the best. The management can set rewards for the regular employees and who remain efficient, creative and more productive than the others during the course of a month or longer. When the company will acknowledge every positive contribution of the workforce, it will make workers stay motivated and more focused while at work.

Employee Monitoring Can Help Beyond Your Imagination

The majority of the businesses take help from employee monitoring to eliminate unnecessary processes and boost productivity at workplace. TheOneSpy is a mobile phone and computer monitoring software that allows employers to keep a close watch on the activities of their workforce within and beyond the workplace. Whatever your workers are doing on the computer, laptop or their mobile phones can easily be tracked by the employer to ensure that the workers are not killing working hours watching YouTube videos or updating their personal social media profiles. Also, it helps to monitor the use of company owned devices including computers, laptops, and mobile devices to ensure the safety of company assets and minimize the risks of the data breach. When employees would realize that they are being watched by their employers, they will make every effort to avert distractions and stay focused on assigned tasks.

Build Anti-Bullying Environment

Workplace bullying is one of the major factors responsible for declined employee productivity. Almost 73 percent of employees have experienced workplace bullying either as a victim or a witness. The corporate bullying can have worst consequences both for the employee and the employer because it targets the most skilled and experienced workers of the organization. Make sure, your company has the policy to deal with bullies at work so your employees can be more focused on work rather than pulling legs of each other.

The Bottom Line

The workforces, who believe that the organization they are working for is more concerned about them as individuals and not just as employees, are found to be more gratified, motivated and productive. The productive and creative employees serve the customers well and drive the business to success.

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