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Gaining More Instagram Followers: 5 Proven Success Strategies

It is of no gainsaying that the digital world is fast rising all across the globe. Several millions of images are being uploaded and shared on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter on a daily basis. Hence, these platforms have become traffic-laden and suitable to stage effective online marketing campaigns.

Currently, most businesses have begun to use Instagram for creating a brand image within the digital market aside from the implementation of social media marketing. Developing a long-list of followers on Instagram can be quite daunting and time-consuming. However, with the proper strategy in place, a significant amount of real followers can be attained within a short period. These strategies have been highlighted herein accordingly.


1. Use regular Hashtag with every posted image

An effective method of getting attention on a regular basis on Instagram is by using popular hashtags alongside your photos. Consequently, people will be able to see your post quickly. Otherwise, your images will be difficult to search and less followers will be gained.

Hence, ensure that your images can be searched. Use famous hashtags like #FF (Follow Friday), #instafollow, #tagforlikes among others. Also, do your research on some of the most influential people on Instagram, check their pages and find out some famous hashtags that are currently trending.


2. Comment and like other people’s posts

There is a better chance of gaining more attention by clicking on likes and commenting on the post of your targeted audience. This technique will make your profile more visible to others and consequently, your images are more likely to be checked out as well. As a result, there is a great tendency that your followers will increase too.


3. Post Images during productive hours

Not every hour will get you a significant number of followers. For instance, posting images around 2 A.M and 5 P.M has been found to be useful in gaining more attention to your postings. On the contrary, Instagram studies have revealed that posting images by 9 A.M and 6 P.M do give a poor result. When you post your pictures during the active hours, you stand to gain more followers more than the other hours.


4. Post photos on Wednesday and Sunday

According to studies, people post fewer images on Sunday. Hence, if you keep posting your pictures on Sunday when there are fewer images to compete with yours, your pictures will get more visibilities than any other days. Also, uploading photos on Wednesday can be very productive. The direct implication of these two days is an increase in the number of followers.


5. Set up Contests on Instagram

Naturally, competition does bring people together. Hence, if you want to bring more visitors to your page, you should upload images that promote competition and challenge people to like or follow to partake in the contest.

All the strategies mentioned above are practical and proven means of gaining a substantial number of followers for your online marketing campaign in no time. All you need to do is to be consistent in your approach and stick to the plan. Good luck!

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